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One person was fired yesterday.

That of course heralded this day as being international mountain home aafes foodcourt, "let's see who we can fuck over" day. I shit you not, there were so many managers being dragged into the backroom for advanced 'tattling'. Make me barf, seriously.. if I wanted to be faced with high school again, I would actually go back to high school. I don't see what everyone is trying to prove. But James from our section, someone was trying to get him fired for smoking under the age of 18. And I was like, "What the hell are you trying to do.. do you -want- Anthony's Pizza to close.. because we sure as hell can't open on 3 people for 7 days straight."

I don't get it, why do people have to be mean, vindictive, spiteful low lives? I'd ask if people could just get along, but you know, that's a futile question if ever I heard one.

I am so not going to be sorry when I leave, in fact I'll be happy just to say good riddence to everyone there.

On the plus side, I had happy lesbians in lingerie roaming my mind. Ulani, Heyven and Naomi (the female versions of Ukitake, Hyuga and Hakkai) were quite happy to dance around and have pillow fights. *_*

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