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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
The next couple of weeks are going to suck with a capital "S". Dominic got fired. Normally this would be a good thing except that it was for some idiotic reason that had nothing to do with work and everything to do with giving alchohol to minors. Of course I am enraged by his stupidity.. and the fact that because he has such a big mouth, there are extra hours involved. On the bright side, more money to be saved up for the move.. on the bleah side, less time to think and/or breath.

So while shuufish said that if I weren't quitting so early, I should just get a cattle prod for Dominic, well evidentally fate took that in the literal sense. This just makes me all sorts of frustrated, so much that I'm literally seeing red here.

Luckily I keep all my days off next week, just the hours are jacked up.

Can't you all tell that I -LOVE- my job. */sarcasm*

But on the plus side, Hyuga is wibbling right now.. and it's a secret, all I know is that he is rabu~rabu with shuufish's Sigurd and wants to do unspeakable things to him involving a bed, some candlewax and a length of rope. (because that is how all Scorpio's in my box express their love, by tying their significant other up). I am sure that there will be a response, however now Hyuga wants the song that the little ficlet was based on.

Oh yes, Ukitake had perverted thoughts all day too.. which is surprising as well.. it involved Shunsui and making pancakes. (don't ask how there can be smut there.. there just is)

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1. you sent me the song that fic was based on earlier today.

2. is it sad that i can imagine how making pancakes involves smut?

Ukitake said that he loves pancakes! *can you say yellow apron with nothing on underneath*

Oh dear... you know what happens in those rare moments when Shunsui gets sprung, right?

Ukitake is going to get ravished by his big handsome teddy bear? *straight from his mouth.. not mine*

That would be correct. Shunsui only wonders in whose bedroom will this take place.. as he needs to know where to bring the pancake mix.

Ukitake said that pancakes are for kitchens! and so I am thinking that the plastic wrapped futon will suffice. He's very traditional where it comes to where food should be eaten.

Ah... well Shunsui is on his way there, with pancake mix, strawberries, and whipped cream.

Ukitake says that is the best type of pancakes! he will make a pancake castle on Shunsui's chest and then eat it off him slowly

Shunsui finds this a very agreeable arrangement.. he hopes to practice food art using Ukitake for a canvas.

See red now...see the green later. Good trade off.

Pancake smut is one of the best!

(Deleted comment)
I know, extra money is good.

sometimes it seems as if I have too many of them in my box

(Deleted comment)
Ooho that would be awesome!

(Deleted comment)
Oh you are so sweet *hugs* YAY MONEY!! thank you! I appreciate it!

(I always wonder why it's the Scorpios tying people up to show their love. Some of my best friend's muses are like that, so you know who has the most Scorpios...Mine are free-wheeling Sagittiuses and Aquarians, mostly.)

And um...at least you have more color to your life with seeing red?

That was lame. I apologize. *facepalm*

Ohohoho.. you know.. Mish has most of the saggitarius' to go along with my Scorpios. Seems my Scorpios are usually addicted to Sags.. and the two Scorps that Mish has likes a Virgo/Libra cusp and a Aries (Billy to Bart for that one).

I end up usually with the water signs.. or the Air

Ah, yes, we have very random pairings, sometimes. Somehow a Leo (my bestest friend's muse) manages to love an Aquarius and we have Scorpios hopelessly devoted to Leos (and then proceeding to tie them up) and so on.

Usually I have the air and water signs, although I'll have an ocassional fire. (My rising is Sag., and my sun is Aquarius, so that comes into play...*long pause* Rising is Sag.? No, never mind. *leaves it be so she won't ramble*)

True opposites attracting are amusing to watch when it occurs within the muse ranks *ohoho*

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