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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
Wow I'm further in Death Note the manga then I had ever gotten in the anime. First of all, L/Raito is so very cute. (yes, von_questenberg, the tension between them is GREAT!. But I think that Misa is horridly adorable and with her dresses and such, I'd so steal her for myself. Seriously, that is one girl that I wouldn't mind rolling in the hay over and over (well there are a few girls I wouldn't mind doing that too.. but still. *teehee*).

Seriously Misa needs to be my next wife. Right after Chii. (Wait, there's no law that says I can't take two anime wives.. right?)

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I agree with this post entirely :D Excellent pairings and wimmins ♥

LONG LIVE THE WIMMENS> *and your uberly hot cosplay*

Oh my god, she does. o_o.. tell her that I think she's gorgeous as Misa!

Oh you are a CUTE L! *wants to glomp you*

Thanks so much, babe ^^

And your pretty CCS icons make us wanna cosplay Clow Cards XD Some of the designs are so beautiful! ^^

Ah, Misa-Misa is adorable. ♥ I'd give her a roll myself. ;)

All in all, I agree with you. *thumbs up* Though you can have Chii; I never did like her all that much. ^^;

Well the panties episode of the anime sold me. But yes Misa is just adorable.. we can share her *wiggles eyebrow* We'll make a Misa sandwhich *coughs*

Death Note is so coolios, its love in a book well in this case its also an anime and a movie soooo....yeah

*tsk tsk* How greedy!.....Here Here! *giggle*

Yeah the Death Note manga was really such a love of mine. When I saw the anime, I was excited, but I didn't get into it quite as much.

I didn't care for Misa at first, but after RPing her once, I sort of gained a new appreciation for her point of view. Especially after the manga's end.

I find it hilarious when I tell people that I don't like L.

I don't. He bugs me.

But whenever I mention it, people just go "how could you?? L is so adorable/amazing/wonderful, etc"

And I laugh.

But Raito... is such a complex character, and well, I have a thing for characters fighting for their sense of justice. *nod*

Best characters come in later, Mello and Near. So so cute. I ship them insanely. ^__^

I'm to Mello and Near right now. And well I don't find it hard to think that someone would think L unlikeable.. he's one of those characters that you don't instantly go "ZMOG". But Light is my favorite, could never develop a muse for L.. but Light.. definitely.

Light is definitely my favourite. He's wonderful.

I don't HATE L... I just... he doesn't appeal to me. Maybe I have too much of Light in me ^^;;

I totally agree with the L/Light love. ^^

L is the only one that ignited the spur of emotions that Light has been struggling to control for all his life. For example is when he punched L in the face. Normally he wouldn't do that. But because of L he did.. ^^
And also in the second arc... I recall that Light mentioned that Near is far inferior too L. And was somewhat disappointed when he realized Near surpassed L. XDDDDDD

and that icon is so the LOVE!^^

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