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Firstly, Attn hikarisenshi~!

I scanned three images that I think would be fun to colour. So I'll let you pick, there were a few of Jin but ultimately I like alot of colour and Jin in episode 2 isn't very colourful (since I was scanning from the Xenosaga II anthology.). So here are the three I've sort of narrowed it down to.

- Canaan
- Shion


Anyone who ever wants to do an icon collaboration with me, I don't mind. And the above is apart of an icon collaboration that myself and hikarisenshi is doing. I think the idea sounds like alot of fun, really. It makes me feel like a real icon-artist. (ahahaha just saying that is kinda funny and makes me feel like I'm stroking my own cock... which isn't the truth.. but only because I see alot of picture collaborations, and I don't consider this any different)

And well I would also like to declare that Tori Amos is slowly growing on me like a disease, of course this couldn't possibly be because shuufish gave me the Tori Amos autobiography to read on the airplane and I am fascinated by alot of her storytelling. (Wednesday is still my Tori Amos song though.. and the one that defines me the best I think).

Tomorrow I have the day off and really tomorrow is going to be spent collecting the trash for trash day, and sending out a few boxes full of manga to Mish. Tomorrow will be a busy day, that's for certain. And I only have five hours of work today.. But each paycheck until the move, I'm going to take out 300 and send it to Mish, in preparation for getting there. (so that there is that buffer money for groceries and the whatnot until I get a job..

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