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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
So tell me.. what anime is worth watching this anime season?

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From what I've seen of Darker than Black it appears to be good, I've seen it compared to Heroes with some elements of Men in Black.

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Claymore girls you say.. I need to check that out.. especially with Yuri undertones. >.>

Claymore was made into an anime?!


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YES. And Vossler, too!

Oooooh, you have no idea how excited that makes me. I MUST WATCH.

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i want to say the DEVIL MAY CRY anime! \*o*/ but i haven't seen it yet, as it's not out yet. but it will be come summer. :Dv

They're making it an anime? Jeez I'm way behind.

=O That made me happy in the pants! I didn't know it was comin' out. *gleeful cackling*

Watched any of Gankoutsu: The Count of Monte Cristo yet? It's a really cool adaption of the book, if you've ever read it. The art design is really unique and it's science fiction setting also takes it a bit out of it's usual zone. I think most if not all of the series has already been released on DVD here in the states, so you might want to check it out.

Oh yes! I watched it when it came out! It is a lovely series, that's for sure!

Seirei no Moribito. Only one episode so far but a strong kick-ass heroine. I'm really enjoying it.

Here's the summary from anime news network:

"Balsa the spearwoman is a wandering warrior, who takes on the task of saving lives, in atonement for a past sin. On her journey, she happens to save a prince, and is tasked with becoming his bodyguard. And he is going to need one, for his own father, the emperor, wants him dead."

I'll say Darker than Black too, and Romeo x Juliet. Yay for Gonzo doing pretty Shakespeare mashups! ;D

Yay, someone pimped Romeo x Juliet. I haven't seen it yet but I heard it is wonderful from my bestest friend. (And it has You Raise Me Up...in Japanese!)

Another one I would suggest for casual watching is El Cazador de la Bruja...it is interesting (in a weird way), and both female main characters are cool. There is also a character that looks as if he could be Wilhelm's younger brother.

(Deleted comment)
I like Mecha just as long as it doesn't dominate the entire storyline. (or unless it has lesbians.. I like Mecha + Lesbians).

Seeing as Darker than Black bored me to tears (I'm possibly still bitter about Geass and will probably give it another try), I'd recommend Romeo x Juliet for the characterization and Gonzo-style.

What is Darker than Blood about anyways?

I saw Darker Than Black and was kind of disappointed. However, I really enjoyed the first ep of "Bokura no".

Bokurano! It's mecha, but very character-focused and tragic. (Although based on the little I've seen/read of each, the manga seems a little bit better.)

Romeo x Juliet isn't bad either.

Since I love strong female characters I recommend Claymore, Murder Princess, and El Cazador de la Bruja which has the added goodness of Yuki Kajiura's music.

Gintama and the newer Naruto's.

Come on, Gintama? It's got samurai and aliens and vespas.

Darker Than BLACK, Romeo x Juliet, and if your okay with the creep factor Tokyo Majin Gakuen, those are just some of what I'm watching.

I'm kind of surprised that no one mentioned Hayate no Gotoku! since I've been enjoying the hell out of that one. >_<

But yeah, as has been said: Claymore, Hayate no Gotoku!, Murder Princess, and Romeo x Juliet. Darker than Black is decent enough but I'm still pissed about having to wait until summer to see the end of Code Geass so I'll unfairly be bitter about it until Geass' last two episodes air. >_>

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