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~Another meme~

Comment and I will give you 3 interests on your list, and 3 usericons, for you to explain about.


Antique Bakery: I always like manga about interesting things. This is one of them, about 4 men in fact who work at a bakery. There is alot of plot in it, but then there is alot of wibble and sap. There is the person who is the owner, someone who is very cynical and grumpy. Then there is the pastry chef who is 'demonically gay'. There is owner's bodyguard who develops crushy feelings on the pastry chef (and who is deliciously clueless and utterly out of sync with life). Then there is the boxer turned pastry chef who looks up to 'mr. demonically gay'. As you can imagine, hijinks ensue. Spanning four volumes, it's just one of those series that leave you feeling very satisfied after having read it, in a world where alot of shounen-ai/yaoi manga make you feel as if you are having a light snack and yet no feast.

Yakitate! Japan: For everyone who likes the Prince of Tennis series, think of this as Prince of Tennis.. but involving BREAD! And yet it is filled with more crack then you can shake a stick at. You will learn that 'solar hands' is the ability to make bread rise while you kneed it, you will also learn to love spastastic Kuroyanagi who every time he eats something that Azuma (boy with solar hands) made, he will have bread trips. Yakitate! teaches you that the bread known as drug is probably more powerful then crack.

Katamari Damacy: Katamari appeals to me because there is much fun in the fact that you can roll things up into a giant ball. That's alot of fun, seriously.. especially when you just wish the human race would go away. Not to mention the King of the COSMOS... yeah, he's a flamer. (anyone who doesn't think he's flamboyant, well I think he is. Poor little Prince.. what is he to do about his queer dad? probably just roll up the ball all day.


| This icon is meant to sort of represent my original Xenogears character (meaning I created him exclusively and inserted him into the Xenoverse.) Mathias Jaevyn who was the Guardian Angel during the Nisan Era and just before the War of Diablos. I rationalized that Emperor Cain probably handpicked the same soul over and over to be his Guardian Angel, Mathias was created because of that (and because Roni *Sigurd's incarnation* needed someone). Mathias is not as intense as Hyuga, and yet he's doubly as stubborn, the clashes that he and shuufish's Roni muse have had have been phenomenal. So yes, the words of course mean that he is the Guardian Angel. It's truly a Xeno-icon.

| Ukitake from Bleach. This is actually a part of a set made by me. The other half of it is HERE. And the lyrics for both of them are from "I'll Cover You" from Rent. It's a wonderfully sappy song for two of our strongest muses. (Yes I know, alot of my RPing/fandom expiriences are twined with shuufish. That's what comes when you pretty much talk to each other every day. We have ALOT of matching icons. (if you check out our respective icons.. you'll see that there are quite a few)

| Terra/Celes from FFVI. My favorite girl pairing from that series. The song that inspired it is "Shapes that Go Together" by A-ha which is a song that Mish one day said fit the both of us. And so it was immediately incorperated into an icon involving our favorite girls. I need more Terra/Celes yuri, seriously.. just because it's so very hot.
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