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~A meme~

Leave a comment and I'll give you a letter. Then you list 10 things you like starting with that letter. Post them in your journal and give out new letters to your commenters in turn. (I did this one over a year ago, but wev.) </a></b></a>jeannette gave me 'M.'

Morten Harket: From A-ha fame (lead singer). Oh his voice I would die for, even though Duran Duran is my favorite group.. Morten Harket, well I love his voice more then I love Simon LeBon's. Oh but if A-ha and Duran Duran did a duet, I think I'd be in heaven. I'd definitely want to have his voice babies. (and Inoue Kazuhiko. *coughs*).
Muriya: The fandom name for Muraki/Oriya of Yami no Matsuei. I am not too much of a fan of Muraki/Tsuzuki or Muraki/Hisoka.. just because there is this finely drawn line of equality between Muraki and Oriya... and I love the dynamic with Oriya going.. "fine Muraki, I'll hide the body again.. but next time.. no.". They are so wonderfully functional in their dysfunction.
Mercedes Lackey: It was love at first sight with Vanyel, and then well she is really good at writing strong independant females that I don't want to kill. That's a good thing, not to mention Valdemar has endeared itself to me, I so very much love Valdemar and whenever a new Valdemar book comes out, I literally squee.
Mythology: Even as a child I was drawn to the mythos of various cultures, I consumed great mythology especially.. the stories of the gods and goddesses were my bread and butter and I couldn't get enough of it, most of my head imaginings in my teenaged years involved mythology in some way shape and form. Even to this day I'm intriqued with certain stories that just seem to cross each mythos.. like the god death and ressurection. (Believe me, it's not just the Christian religion that has the god dies and then comes back to life..)
Mara: From Oh my Goddess. There is much love for a goddess that comes in dressed like a boy in order to get what she wants from Belldandy, and she is apart of one of the two Urd Pairings that I like. But yes, Mara is the grumpy demonness, and definitely a hottie.. and she uses all manner of things to try to suck people's souls out. Mara definitely needs more love.
Madubachi Trio: The unholy triune of Ayame, Shigure and Hatori. I am sure that they caused their share of trouble before they became semi-functioning adults. (and by semi-functioning, it means not very functioning at all). Hatori/Ayame/Shigure = <3 Seriously.
Midori: Yes I love my little goddaughter, I love her alot. Auntie Nia will give her anything she wants.. I wish I was there right now to be with her.. I feel like she's probably doing all sorts of growing and I can't be there to see it *tears*
Manga: I love manga, and I am quite concievably an addict, can't go into borders without buying many volumes of it. But I agree that the simoun manga should be liscensed, I'd literally eat that up. YUM.
Murata: What's not to love about the "I know things that you don't" character of KKM. Sure he can be hateable but well so what, there are many characters like that, that other people don't like (like Citan..). I like the characters that are neither black nor white, but rather a questionable shade of grey.
Maria-sama ga Miteru: Sure it's a bit slow, but there is a definite grace to it, with a bit of drama that even then isn't glaring. Well remember kids, 'walking slow is preferred here'. (now to tell me to finish the OAVs.. because I'm a slacker, I really meant to see it back in Michigan.


And another news of note. THEY ARE COMING OUT WITH AN EMILY OF NEW MOON ANIME. That was my favorite Lucy Maud Montgomery series. (well that and The Story Girl). Oh I am so jumping on that bandwagon. >.> now to shamelessly troll animesuki!
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