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(Because Jeriah wanted to write this out too.. >.>)

Jeriah had understood the need for Jakob to take care of business and he could have easily waited, choosing to spend his ghostly presence where he had by all accounts and purposes had died, he didn't even know how he had died, one moment he had been asleep, the next moment he had remembered water, and then the next moment this. Being a ghost afforded him quite a bit of leniancy, not everyone was aware of him, but those who were usually tossed it off as their imagination. He had watched the people come and go along the lake, had seen his son visit the lake many times as well as Jakob. He knew that there were questions, questions that even he couldn't answer. But he knew that he still had a heart, especially when he saw Jakob walking the shore desolately, he could tell that the man had grown older in the span of a year, it had caused him his own brand of sorrow, but he knew that Jakob was still needed on the earthly plane, at least for a little while longer. And Jeriah, well he knew how to wait and he could do that as was needed.

When Jakob sat on the shore, Jeriah would often come out.. not as a ghostly spirit but as a defineable presence, sitting near Jakob, wrapping around him in something as close as he could get to a hug, even though it wasn't something physically felt, he knew that it helped Jakob do what he needed to do.

But still, Jeriah waited, and really waiting for a few years was like a drop in the pool of eternity, for when he felt the last of Jakob's life energy drain away, he knew that he would be there, would feel that call in every pore of his ethereal body.

It came on a spring morning. That undefineable little ebb, he departed his lake for this one occasion, and then he was there, in the study where he saw Jakob pouring over his old forgotten diary, as if waiting for him. And for once he was able to muster the courage to take a definite form, though that was in part aided by weakening thread that connected Jakob to the world, he peeked in like he had done in life, a little presence that grew stronger as it enfolded the entire contents of the room, he saw Jakob look up with those blue eyes shining in the creases of his face, but that didn't matter because Jeriah had seen, and would always see Jakob as how his love had painted him, the most beautiful person in the world.

"Are you.. ready to go?" he said, offering up his hand for Jakob to take, knowing that he would help ease Jakob into the realm of the specteral. He watched as Jakob reached for his hand, dropping the book down onto the floor. He smiled gently and then very softly tugged. As Jakob's soul came to him, the body that had been Jakob's fell back onto the couch, though if Jakob had even bothered to look back at the mortal vessal, he would of seen a gentle smile etched there, as if he had seen something wonderful.

But what was truly important was Jakob, in spirit form hovering so very close to him, so close that their energies mingled and connected, tangling as if they couldn't quite get enough of each other. And he let their energies connect and bliss against each other. It was hard to describe but as close as they had gotten in life, and that struggle to be as one, it was never more apparent that was a mere shadow compared to this.. and Jeriah had a feeling that their lives had been building to this single moment when their souls had come back to being as one.

And as they both hazed out, it was the knowledge that this was truly the beginning of forever, for them.

(Sorry for not posting it on shitan however was pressed for time. But here it is.. >.> I'll transfer it later)

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