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Today was a 7 on the richter scale. As in how tolerable my work is. That's a first in a while. And it wasn't because everything was great, because it wasn't. It was actually pretty shitty since we didn't have alot of things in stock and the computer system went down so we had to do everything manually. What made the day truly great was the fact that everything was in dissarray. And according to Chigdem, it had been in disarray since I left. That points me to the fact that I am damn well needed at that job. And even though it's a shitty job that I hate and I can't wait to go up to Michigan after I quit that pathetic excuse for a job, it means that I am NEEDED and therefore I am their bright and shining star of guidance. That is the real ego booster and made the day better than average. (really they are lucky that I'm giving them time for me to train a replacement for me instead of quitting outright.)

Now I have to screencap the 26th episode of Simoun (iconage of Guragief and Anubituf await) and then I have three episodes of Saiunkoku to watch. (including the second season opener.. YAY!).

That's all I have to say, nothing truly interesting.
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