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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


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~OMG it's a rant~
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
Subject: icons

There have been a bunch of ranting about the popular community, iconrants and well I feel like I should say something... or not should, but rather want to because everyone wants to comment or the like especially in an online venue.

I love making icons, it's the most fun that I can have that doesn't involve RPing with shuufish, watching anime, or going to Wal-mart with pimp_kitten. I enjoy the practice and the fact that with every time I icon, I can feel that I am improving. I don't make them for the general populace but if I store one over at soylent_icons, everyone else is free to use it. I overall make them because I like to do it, I'm no longer worried about following trends, I icon what I want to icon, if someone crics me, well that's their perogative.

There are certain people though who take joy in undermining the efforts of others by ruthlessly and viciously attacking the things that others have made. I've never been one who has ever or will ever support this. Because while my icons are slowly getting decent, there was a time when I put out icons that looking back weren't very good, but by damn it, I was proud of them. And those icons are still on my computer because they are little stepping stones, all of my past work is.

People should be encouraged in wanting to do something creative, so if they want to make icons.. then they should.. they should put their hearts and souls into it and importantly they should like what they put out... because each icon is a tiny little universe, buillt out of thoughts, lyrics, inspiration. I've seen so many good icons that people have done. And I don't know what thought processes go through them... but I can see that there was a whole realm of thinking that had no part in empty icon making.

Next time you post on icon-rants, remember that icon making isn't about stroking your bnf icon cock, but rather putting your soul into something pretty, something that is almost like a child to you. Exclusion layers, tiny text, saturation.. it's all good.. just as long as -YOU- like what you are doing.

I'm lucky that I've had alot of icon-sensei's along the way. To help build up my confidence to patient crit and suggestions, but they've always allowed me to branch off into my own venue, and that is what is the most important thing.. that you slowly develop your own sense of what works for you, without being afraid of expirentation.

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I'm a member there, but I agree with you. I never rant about individual icons. The few times I've ranted there is because of something that happened at an icon community or in my own icon journal that I needed to get off my chest. I see it as no worse than fanficrants. Actually its better now that posting example icons/icon reviews and linking to journals/naming makers/comms has been banned. I don't much care or notice trends and make icons however I feel like it. Not to mention icons can look really different depending on a persons monitor. Lately iconrants is mostly rants about icon_tutorial. Even I lift my brow at the stuff people post there so often, and can kind of understand the need to vent about it.

What font or trend people use though? I couldn't care less. I don't go by trends and do whatever I want. I rarely even watch icon communities/journals unless it's a friends stuff that's been posted. If I know they're open to pointers, I don't mind doing that. That doesn't mean they are iconning wrong though. It took me almost a year to brush my skills to where I am now and I'm still learning new things I can do in photoshop all the time.

I totally wince at some of my older icons, but I don't take them down because some people did in fact like them.

Yes see, I just don't want people to get discouraged.. and well there are some people that I could icon-rant about, but only because they think that they are god's gift to the iconing world which I just don't see. I frown on elitism, and I once had a person on a flist that publically trashed other people's icons in public when it was very clear that they were trying. I really frown on that.

Yeah, I really hate that too. I think if you need to insult someone to get your jollies off you aren't much of a person. I see it at ffrants a lot too. So annoying. If you get off on that stuff, seriously, do it in your own journal or a comm expressly for that. If someone is ranting about how they are being driven crazy by the number of red blobs they've seen or something, I don't see that as an insult to people who use them so much as OMG WHY IS EVERYONE DOING IT cry. (I use them myself on occassion). Same for SC general rants and the like. I use SC all the time myself. And people love my icons. I love my icons. That's all that matters. Publicly trashing a specific icon (which I don't see as often in iconrants now as in the past) is totally low. Was there a recent post that I missed that did this? It says expressly in the rules no posting icons or rants solely for the purpose of insulting the maker. :/

Oh and I also agree a lot of makers at iconrants are elitest. Actually I'm amazed at how elitest a lot of icon makers period are. I don't get it. It's just a bunch of 100x100 pixels. I may spend a lot of time and effort on my icons, but stressing over people using without crediting and such is rediculous. Locking communities to be more "Elite" is also a bit over the top. :/

You sink to a whole new low when you go around trashing other peoples icons on top of all of that.

Seriously. Respect that the people tried. They'll get better. We all started off as beginners.

Yeah, I know, there's a whole lot of what I disagree with.. credit I usually like credit.. not because it strokes my ego but just in case there are some people who see an icon and check the keywords because they want to check out the site, that's the only reason I like credit.. I also realize that alot of different people have certain criteria for their icons.. I know that I don't mind if people add text to textless icons I've made, I don't normally tell them that they can't add text if they really want it. But likewise I can see how it'd bug some people.

Yeah, I say I like credit, but I don't go chasing after people who don't. XD

I ask people not to put text on, but if they want I offer to do it for them. I have yet to have anyone ask for it. Basically I'd prefer they ask first if they change the icon. I don't think that's too much to ask really. x)

PS: I just wanted to make sure you knew that just because I'm a member there, it doesn't mean I approve of every member/post. In fact, I often get fed up with some of the more elitest members. But, I find it easiest to just ignore them. I mostly watch the comm to see what trends people are complaining about. Like a guilty pleasure. (ie not icons, more the rants about trends/etc). The font rants are the most amusing. Because using a popular type of font really makes an icon good or bad. :p

Oh don't worry, I understand completely and I know that you don't approve, there are alot of people who are members of that community who just watch it to see what kinda of wank it inspires. *I know I do*

Yesss ;O;. &hearts you for this post!

No one has to like every icon, but just... use common courtesy, I guess. I hate how condescending and "I'm-better-than-you" some people can get about icons. =/ So mean-spirited.

I know, me too.. I think it's useless. Because it just serves to make people not -want- to make icons.

I luff you. Seriously. XD That's EXACTLY how I feel. I came very close to quitting the whole icon making thing, but I enjoy the icons I make, so that's what matters. :>

You know the person who owns colortone, yeah Amanda.. I remember her one time bashing jaydesummers icons just because she saw a post that Laura put up at animeicons... and I thought that was the most bitchy thing that Amanda could EVER of done. And it is one of the few reasons that I have absolutely NO respect for her.

What's important was that Laura tried.

There used to be this website up that critiqued fandom communities (which I won't even give them the satisfaction of one more view by posting the link); they used to get off on kicking around novice websites... Offering no points of constructive criticism, and only harsh comments about the sites they decided needed to be 'graded'. Well, my first homemade website happen to fall victim to them, and I couldn't have been madder.

I got my internet friends to flame their forum, and I spent months perfecting my website; making it waaay better than any I had seen in the fandom.

In retrospect, it drove me to become a better graphics designer, but it just as easily could have driven me away from something I took so much pride and joy in...

So, in short, I feel the same way you do, XD!!!

People do really really really bad things in the name of the ALL MIGHTY INTERNET GODS. Sad day, really it is a sad day indeed when people can get away with bullshit like that.

speaking of icon-senseis, you are definitely one of mine XD

Oh yeah and I got some nice comments on a few icons I made, somebody actually used some Riku(KH2) icons I made for a journal where they were RPing him XD so I'm all happy about that :)

Well your icons are excellent, I always like how you sort of diverge, and branch off.. and I love your FFXII icons. *I can never get enough of those*

I've started shamelessly running over to soylent_icons every time I finish a manga or anime to see what icons I can steal.

Word to the rant on iconrants.

I am glad they are a bit more lenient then they used to be however I seriously think that they use the community as an excuse to be nasty and mean.

And I have so many icons backlogged that I have to go and make a general update soon to Soylent.. I'v emade like 7 icons since I've been here. >.>

I don't even understand why a community about icon ranting exists. Does it really matter what font people use on icons, if the cropping is unique or not, or if someone is using too bright of coloring? >.< No. Let people make what they want, how they want.

I hate that community. The mods there are all jerks who yell at the posters without warning or explanation, and every question or polite disagreement is met with a "GTFO!" or outright banning. It's pathetic.

I agree with everything you said about icons. My ikons are unique and not for everyone. When I make it, I spell it "ikon" to indicate that I don't make things the way others just happen to be doing it. I've made ikons as presents for lots of people, and I've had them stolen, which irks me when they don't ask or credit, so they can't be that bad...

I've always thought Icon Rants is pretty bitchy, even more than most *_rants comms put together. One thing is being an elitist and using/liking icons they think they're pretty enough for them and don't follow trends they hate, and another is attacking it like that. Because criticizing bad fanfiction or RPing is different, since there are implied rules like grammar, spelling, IC, and the sort. But icons? It's like criticizing fanart, or art in general: everyone has their style, and some are more popular or nicer-looking than others, but they're still YOUR art and your creativity. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all. I've seen a lot of icons that hurt my eyes, but ranting about it in public (joking around with friends don't count, because I've done it) seems kind of snarking for snark's sake.

I'm not happy unless I let the creative monster within me have free rein. With that said, I started giving some thought to making icons from the numerous screen captures I've taken of anime series even though I've never tried making icons before. But I took a step back after reading your post because it made me remember that there are numerous people out there who aren't happy unless they are criticizing and condemning the work of others. I'm all for "positive criticism," but those who constantly belittle others and end up stifling their creativity really fuel my anger.

"icon making isn't about stroking your bnf icon cock"
*busts out laughing*

I agree about the "stepping stones" thing. My past writing isn't amazing but I love it cause it got me further along. I don't make icons, don't think I ever will. But I do love commenting on them. I've always tried (granted sometimes i go crazy fangirl squeeing) to critique but at the same time say something good. I never comment unless I've got something positive to say. I really wish everybody was like that. I get so mad when I see people crushing others.

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