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~Destroyed by MTV, I hate to bite the hand that feeds me so much information~

Thank you oceanica for the nifty little livejournal gift. I appreciate it. Hey, at least it's not crabs. >.> They've finally washed off my userinfo. though crabs from shannon is something

Last night before I went to bed, I couldn't help but make a Basch/Balthier icon as well. For those of you who had just recently added me and saw that my recently created icons are heterosexual couples, but I predominately added you for the buttsecks... well no fears.. I -do- like two guys together, I've just developed into an equal opportunity pairingist. Yuri, Yaoi, Het.. it's all good and I have my pairings for both. though my yaoi and yuri list is FAR bigger.. just when I see a cute het couple, I fall pretty hard for that pairing

So yes, this was my favorite picture of them.. I enhanced the colours a bit.. just added some colour and then did some overlaying... in terms of what I usually do to an icon, the work was very minimal.

I found the best picture of Venom that nearly made me cream myself. Yes, Venom IS on my hit-list. (Thank you shahni for posting it for me).

Once I get a shower, I am going to start writing my Larsa-spective ficlet. Then post it over at shitan. That sounds like a splendid idea.

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