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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
Basch/Balthier fanart.



Lots of nice pairings there, for one of my favorite FFXII pairings. Of course I'm also planning a little introspective Larsa/Al-Cid. But still. YAY!

There are also some pictures that make certain muses cry. and want to hunt Al-Cid down with a gun.. for reasons other then trying to hit on Larsa-pants.. like stealing his own man

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Wow. O.o All of those pictures! *leaps and rustles through because all of them are just so pretty*

(Well, not all, but still.) I think the Basch/Balthier fanart converted me. *ahem*

Yes! Another convert *coughs*

No seriously.. Basch really needs Balthier to help him dress in the morning because it's very clear that Basch can't do it himself. And in return Baltheir gets lots of smut as well as a house full of puppies.

Guh SO HOT. And I don't even know who those guys are.

They are from Final Fantasy XII.. a very good game.. probably the strongest final fantasy I've played since 6 (that doesn't entail me hating half of the characters)

But yes, it is hot. >.>

Totally agree there. My top 3 FF games are 6, 9 and 12. (Because 9 is just so cute~ And well, surprisingly good.)

I still need to go back to 12... I started playing it at a rough time... back when .hack//G.U and Xenosaga III came out... so I never gave myself time to fully sit and just play FFXII....

I think mine were 4, 6 and 12.. 9 was alright but it wasn't my favorite. I ended up playing 7 for Aerith, I ended up playing 8 for Laguna.. usually if I play for characters and not the story, that's when it get s a trifle bad (even though if the story is good I do latch on to characters.. just more characters then normal)

FF7 is nostalgia for me, as it was my first FF game. But god I cannot play that game anymore. I've already played it about 4 times, and the fact that it's never going to rest just... sometimes it bugs me. Perhaps if they remake it, I may try it again... but it isn't really the best FF out there.

4 is amazing, but I never really finished it. Too much 'death to Rosa' for me and not enough Kain. And Edward gets shoved out of the party too quickly... *pout*

I play 8 for Laguna too. And to really notice how gay it all is. I enjoy Rinoa until the 2nd disc when she starts depending on Squall too much. And Selphie is always fun. (I like the characters like Selphie.)

Final Fantasy 6 is like, the ultimate though. Even though I'm sad that they changed the dialogue in the new GBA format of it... *cries*

Oh yes, I was so not a fan of Rosa.. I just liked to pretend that Kain and Cecil went off to do their thing and left Rosa to cry in Goblez's cell *coughs*

But Rydia.. Rydia rocked so hard core.

I loved Selphie.. and Irvine was really cute too. >.>

That is just too awesome! Thanks so much for sharing. X3

Omg. <3

Tea why for sharing. ♥

I know.. cream in your panties hotness.

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