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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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~In bridges he burned, or the way that she died~
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

My Nadashiko/Fujitaka icon like I wanted to make it. I was listening to the song "Seasons of Love" from the musical, Rent when I created it, and hence the keywords which won't make very much sense to anyone who hasn't seen the musical or the movie. Yeah, they are my favorite male/female couple in CCS and I definitely have a Fujitaka muse (has to prod Mish for a Nadashiko muse perhaps). It took me a while to get Fujitaka's hair just so.. but finally I became happy with it.

I am back at the Sault right now. Mish is back in Petosky still with the baby, since she was having problems with nursing but she's coming back tomorrow. (I just got a phone call from her, yay!)

Her mom last time told me that I was welcome in Chattanooga for Christmas or really whenever Todd and Mish came down to see her. I aww'd at that. I really love Mish's mom, she's special. It's like we are scarily alike, and we trade stories about everything.. I can feel like it's very easy to connect with her mom, and so yay! It makes me happy.

Now to figure out how to stave off boredom. Video games maybe, or watching Excel Saga, or even putting in Kids in the Hall. We shall see! *dances*

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The icon is beautiful!

(also yay for the kids in the hall!)

Thank you.. when I read that part in the manga, I just got REALLY choked up. And it's always reassuring to know that Nadashiko will always be Fujitaka's special person. >.>

aww. Nadashiko and Fujitaka are very sweet together, and it is reassuring to know that she will always be his special person.

...Damn you that song always makes me cry. ;o;

Am stealing. Very pretty. ♥


And yes, I know, it made me sniffle when I was making the icon.. SERIOUSLY!

;o; Me too; it's kind of a shortened lesbian version of X, I swear to god.

Rent is such a good show; I love it so much.

I know.. plus you know.. girls in mecha are REALLY hot.


Rent made me cry though I had no exposure to it until the movie, and then Mish introduced me.. and I probably cried my eyes out. >.>

Aww, the icon's gorgeous! I ♥ Fujitaka and Nadashiko so much!

Also, jlsadkafjklsaj Kids in the Hall is my CHILDHOOD! *nostalgia attack*

I know.. I remember having written in notebooks the fact that I was going to marry David Foley.

Aww Kids in the Hall makes me happy.. seriously. I AM CRUSHING YOUR HEAD!

I finally saw Rent (the movie) about 2 months ago and loved it.

The icon looks gorgeous!

Yes it was a very emotional and poignant movie, I just wish that I could of gone to see the actual broadway show. >.>

That icon is very beautiful. Fujitaka & Nadashiko are also one of my favorite couples from CCS.

'Tis a beautiful icon.

And Rent! Le gasp.

Gorgeous icon! Nadashiko/Fujitaka and Rent both = ♥.

*Screams Go with Kids in the Hall*

Stupid question: Does Rent have a happy ending?

Well it's not a happy ending per se.. but it does have it's happy moments.. it's almost like a bittersweet ending.

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