Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

~Wow I wish there were music in here~

It's almost depressing that I have to go home soon, I mean I am going to make sure that when I go home, I start getting everything that I need together, and tomorrow I am going to be going to the Sault with Todd in order to talk with one of the people down in the learning center of the college, so that I can talk to her and sort of get my foot in the door. I have an icon that I want to make. (shuufish made sure to scan me the picture of Fujitaka/Nadeshiko that I wanted.)

Monday I'll leave to go back to Idaho for the next few months, but when push comes to shove, this has been a very good trip.. and there was alot of talking involved. Went to see some nice houses and well while I didn't get a chance to collect applications, I am going to have Todd do some collecting for me.

Midori is a sweetheart, she's going to be moved back into the room once Mish is done feeding her. That will be perfect because I know that Mish wants the little one in her room.. and oiya do I have plans for the little one, should she choose to go with them. I mean they aren't plans for her future, just what I want to do.. reading to her, playing with her, spoiling her rotten >.> don't tell mommy my diabolical plans.

All in all I had a good childhood. There were some REALLY bad spots. that were too horrific for words, but I don't treat that as an actual extension of my childhood but rather a very dispicable person who was quickly cut out of my life after the fact. It wasn't perfect and I didn't have alot.. but my grandmother did give me love... alot of it. And no matter how much 'some' people prattle on about how 'bad' my grandmother was, I don't choose to believe it.

So everyone is settled now in the room, they just wheeled Midori in and everything is going to settle down for the night, I am probably going to jump on Todd's computer a little bit. but I wanted to type up an update.

On an added little non-baby related note.. Guragieve and Anubial are hitting it off.. they are our first official Simoun muses and the one who are poking at us the most. I love my Anubial muse, she's so very hotheaded and yet logical. I'd say that she was probably a mixture of earth and fire... I can almost see her as being one of those quiet aries.

And an added note (because I usually forget these things), man.. I forgot my added note. D'oh

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