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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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~Wow I wish there were music in here~
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
It's almost depressing that I have to go home soon, I mean I am going to make sure that when I go home, I start getting everything that I need together, and tomorrow I am going to be going to the Sault with Todd in order to talk with one of the people down in the learning center of the college, so that I can talk to her and sort of get my foot in the door. I have an icon that I want to make. (shuufish made sure to scan me the picture of Fujitaka/Nadeshiko that I wanted.)

Monday I'll leave to go back to Idaho for the next few months, but when push comes to shove, this has been a very good trip.. and there was alot of talking involved. Went to see some nice houses and well while I didn't get a chance to collect applications, I am going to have Todd do some collecting for me.

Midori is a sweetheart, she's going to be moved back into the room once Mish is done feeding her. That will be perfect because I know that Mish wants the little one in her room.. and oiya do I have plans for the little one, should she choose to go with them. I mean they aren't plans for her future, just what I want to do.. reading to her, playing with her, spoiling her rotten >.> don't tell mommy my diabolical plans.

All in all I had a good childhood. There were some REALLY bad spots. that were too horrific for words, but I don't treat that as an actual extension of my childhood but rather a very dispicable person who was quickly cut out of my life after the fact. It wasn't perfect and I didn't have alot.. but my grandmother did give me love... alot of it. And no matter how much 'some' people prattle on about how 'bad' my grandmother was, I don't choose to believe it.

So everyone is settled now in the room, they just wheeled Midori in and everything is going to settle down for the night, I am probably going to jump on Todd's computer a little bit. but I wanted to type up an update.

On an added little non-baby related note.. Guragieve and Anubial are hitting it off.. they are our first official Simoun muses and the one who are poking at us the most. I love my Anubial muse, she's so very hotheaded and yet logical. I'd say that she was probably a mixture of earth and fire... I can almost see her as being one of those quiet aries.

And an added note (because I usually forget these things), man.. I forgot my added note. D'oh

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^____^ Your happiness makes me smile, I hope things keep on going well for you for a long long time!

It's almost depressing that I have to go home soon....

Thanks again, punko. Your going-away present has gone from an ipod to a big ball of cat hair and dookie now. XP

Your grandma was awesome; the people who have a problem with her are...nicely put, they have some rather large flaws in their own characters that they need to overcome before they start picking at her for the unthinkable crime of loving her children unconditionally.

And I see that in you; if everyone else fell off the face of the earth, that child would still have all the love it could ask for.

You know, I am almost inclined to go Midori, Ipod.. Midori.. ipod.. and man if you could see her all scrunched up and looking unspeakably adorable, well you'd want to take her and cuddle her too. SHE IS SO ADORABLE! *oh man, I'm turning into Hughes from FMA.. wait until I start forcing her pictures onto everyone.. *snickers*

Yeah.. I know.. some major flaws as well as some damn large logs in their eyes that they don't see, well they really don't see it because they judge other people too harshly.

*hugs* You know I'll miss you and I'll definitely be planning our great kick-up in Detroit... we'll have alot of fun and I'll make sure that we do something spectacular for halloween. In fact I'm quite looking forward to taking you around Michigan.

Besides! You might not be home when I get home.. so that will be DOUBLY DEPRESSING!

About that--I talked to Robbie, and he is going to follow me to the airport on Saturday. So no, I won't be home when you get back. But the kitties will all be here!

That reminds me; I know you hate gardening, but I need you to water the plants for me while I'm gone. Just the stuff in the front yard and the lilacs in the back. It will only take ten minutes of your time, twice that week.

Oh, and if you don't hear from me after tonight, it means I injured myself trying to repair the shingles that blew off during the windstorm last week. :O

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