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~Further news~

Well, this update is not going to be as long.. I am typing this up in the recovery room while Mom!Mish is in the NICU feeding little Midori... however today when I got back from the Sault, well someone came in and was talking with us all about some sort of healthcare plan (something that really didn't corrolate to me) however it was after I told the guy that I was the "Aunt" so to speak, and once the guy went out that Todd went, "Actually.. we were wondering if you would like to be the Godmother."


Yeah, as you can imagine, I burst into tears just a little bit. I just had to accept.

But little Midori, well I'm her godmother. Somehow that is just so very awesome and I have no words for the excitement that I feel. It makes me realize that I made some really good decisions down the road I guess. And you know, if things hadn't utterly fouled up with Kuro over her immaturity and ability to cope with real life, this seriously wouldn't be happening to me. It leads me to think that every decision if made right, leads to something just as equally awesome.

Okay so while being a godfather would of been very cool, I think that I can live with godmother. (Just as long as I don't carry around a flaky wand, I'll let the real mommy do that. I'm just no good with glitter.

I haven't gotten to hold her yet, but Midori, yes.. she's really special. Next time I'll take digital pictures, of course I won't be able to upload them til I get back.. but still.. there will be tons of pictures of the cutie-pie that is Midori. (She looks exactly like her mommy!)
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