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Well Midori isn't here yet. Sadly enough. She'll come when she's ready though.

Finished the manga of Card Captor Sakura. There were some twists that didn't happen in the anime but really I did like the manga alot and there is one icon I want of Fujitaka and Nadishiko. (Some of you are probably wondering with all of my new squibbly het pairings, where Hyu has gone.. but Clamp seriously has yet to put across a pairing that I can't help but squibble to death.. and alot of them are het. But then I have found that if the het pairings are cute, I'll probably will like it.. but nothing can top Clow/Yuuko for me.)

Which remidns me, I really do need an Ashura-ou/Taishakuten icon. So I am hoping that the lovely von_questenberg will help me upon my iconing endeavors, since I know she loves that pairing hardcore as much as I do. >.> (long live RG Veda.)

Mmmm Excel Saga, I'm currently watching that series, they had it for 38 dollars at Best Buys. They also had the entire series of Magic Knights Rayearth for that but I was like.. I liked the manga better (and I'm sure that Alexi agrees with me). So yes, Excel Saga.. woot!

I have other things on my mind but they are really fairly inconsequential and probably things that matter to no one else but me.. as in the infamous Lisa Loeb song. I'll probably just lump them into a giant private entry later to give myself clarity, what is it about March/April that makes me a bit depressed. You know there are people that get depressed during the winter because of the lack of light, mine seems to hit me like a two ton train on the onset of spring where everything gets sunny and bright, and flowers start getting the inclination to spread themselves everywhere and I have to see the disgusting advent of everyone being hit by the spring bug.

Spring isn't my season, I'll probably die during the spring... (that was probably more morbid thinking then you all are accustomed to think of from me). Once again sorry, I can be really fatalistic sometimes.

Edit: omg my mind can control music from here.. the song that was the inspiration for this icon came on like five minutes after I posted.. how wierd is that? I officially rock!

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