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firestorm717 - and other miscellany-

Here is your icon, if it isn't to your liking, I will do it over again. But well, umm yeah, use it for whatever. This icon is completely yours and if someone steals it, just tell me and the creator will go after them with a lead pipe (if only, right?). But yeah, while iconing that picture, I realized that I really need to read Yuki Kaori's fairy tales, if they are as messed up as her Angel Sanctuary and Count Cain series, then I AM IN!


Also it's amazing what I remember from high school, like how to make friendship bracelets. I put a friendship bracelet on my luggage in order to remember WHAT luggage is mine. (I have to differentiate it somehow). but yeah, I remembered friendship bracelets.. lol. And I still can do them fast.

Alexi is coming to pick me up in an hour and we are going to head to Boise, eat at Hooters. (come on, I really -do- like the food..) and then it is MICHIGAN BOUND FOR ME!
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