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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
In 48 hours I'll be in Michigan. Once again I am very excited and I can nearly contain myself, I am not going to be making a banner because.. seriously I will be online here and there to post journal entries about my two weeks there. So it's not like I'm going to drop off the face of the planet, I just will be glued to email and some LJ entries. (no yahoo messanger or msn unfortunately). But yes, in 48 hours, I will be there where a little piece of my heart is. I can't wait.

And I have mysteriously lost volume 6 of X. *cries* Where is it.. I may have to rebuy it. Bleah. GASP Where is volume 2 of Cafe Kichijouji too. Oh I cry *will just have to order it on Amazon when I'm down there.* Quite honestly there is alot of manga I need to bring to share with shuufish but I'll probably end up shipping most of it before I get there (to move for realz).

Edit: I found volume 2 of Cafe Kichiouji.. but there is no hope for volume 6 of X. I've searched high and low for that volume. OH BLEAH!

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The news of this morning is that new neighbors are moving in next door. They have dogs big enough to eat one of the poms.

And I can't wait till your here!

Oh oh oh.. I found volume 2 of Cafe Kichiouji.. I just can't find volume six of X. But other then that I am pretty much packed.. (save for a few other things). OMGSQUEE! *falls over* THE BUTTERFLIES HAVE ARRIVED AND WILL RENDER ME INCAPABLE OF EATING! SERIOUSLY!

Maybe you will find X... did you check in Alexi's room? Or what not.. I remember you looking for Wish there.... You should eat, it's good for you and have something good while you are at it. My choices of good food are limited just now. I think Todd is looking forward to having someone else around who can eat normal food.

Well I didn't put X in Alexi's room, and he hasn't read it (and I doubt he will) so it's all on me, I did find Volume 2 of CK in his room though.

I look forward to seeing both you and Todd. YAY!

It's been eaten by the monster that eats paper things in houses. (Todd has a monster for whatever he's lost so that it's not his fault.)

The Manga-eating monster. >.> OH NOES!

I would cry if a monster ate all my manga.

Oh me too.. so I'll order the 6th volume of X while I'm there. And then it'll be there. if in fact I find it, I will just cut it up and use it for scanning.

They opened a shop that sells manga in town, we could check there too though I doubt their selection is big.

They did? Wow, I want to see it. >.>

I haven't been yet so it'll be an adventure.

Have fun! (And I'm sorry X #6 is lost. Woe!)

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