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In 48 hours I'll be in Michigan. Once again I am very excited and I can nearly contain myself, I am not going to be making a banner because.. seriously I will be online here and there to post journal entries about my two weeks there. So it's not like I'm going to drop off the face of the planet, I just will be glued to email and some LJ entries. (no yahoo messanger or msn unfortunately). But yes, in 48 hours, I will be there where a little piece of my heart is. I can't wait.

And I have mysteriously lost volume 6 of X. *cries* Where is it.. I may have to rebuy it. Bleah. GASP Where is volume 2 of Cafe Kichijouji too. Oh I cry *will just have to order it on Amazon when I'm down there.* Quite honestly there is alot of manga I need to bring to share with shuufish but I'll probably end up shipping most of it before I get there (to move for realz).

Edit: I found volume 2 of Cafe Kichiouji.. but there is no hope for volume 6 of X. I've searched high and low for that volume. OH BLEAH!

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