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I just -knew- there was a valid reason for Fai running away from Ashura-ou that didn't constitute the whole "halp raep" deal (because Ashura-ou has his darling Taishakuten, who is very much alot of a man). (ahahahah TAKE THAT FANGIRLS WHO THINK ASHURA-OU IS GOING TO COME BETWEEN Kurogane and Fai's TRU RUV.) <--I've come to think of Ashura-ou as Daddy (and Taishakuten MUST be mommy.. because that would be precious) to Fai-baby.

I <3 Ashura-ou. He always makes me happy. Don't want to brag but wait I do but ASHURA-OU IS NOT SOME WIERDO STALKER. I KNEW IT!

Also thank you von_questenberg for making the Simoun community! I am glad that I got you obsessed over it. Woot. I'm good like that *pimps*
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