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~You are a Winner!~

We have a winner. Woot!

It is firestorm717 with the 4,000th song. "Music" by Angela Aki.

That means that she gets the icon. Though before I go onto that bit I would just like to say thank you to everyone for sending me music. And just because the songs you sent didn't make it on my playlist doesn't mean that you guys have bad taste, in fact your guys' taste rock. It's just me that is very picky.. and I keep songs that are favorite on my playlist. So at any rate just call me suspect, and once again thank you for the music!

Now onto the icon!


You get an icon made out of the manga/doujinshi scan of your choice. Coloured and all that whoo-rah. Of course when you send the scan to me, you have to tell me exactly who you want from the scan. I can't guarentee that the icon colouring will be perfect but I'll definitely try. It will probably be textless but you are free to add the text once I am done with it though. But yes, there you go. Send away, you can send the picture to jyuukoi@gmail.com.
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