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First of all I realize that I fail with the meme.. so I'm sorry for not posting pictures. This is because Hyu SUCKS. Yes that's right.

Secondly, I still have alot of friend's pictures to do.. but I have the basic ones up now.. and I'm doing them even as we speak.


Yes, it's time for Jin's three months of fame and glory... not like he doesn't get enough of it. >.> But still it's nearing his and Chaos' one year anniversary. April 1st (yes I realize that is April Fool's Day, yes so does Jin and Chaos)

So now, everything in my journal is Jin-centric. WOOT! And even the lyircs that seperate each section in the userinfo page, those are taken from songs that I consider Jin-esque.

Jin is saying that he's a sexy beast.. this is the ego speaking, now the real reason why Pellegri dumped him comes into play y/n?

Send me MOAR songs - (I am currently on song 3999 right now.. the next song that I like will be number 4,000 so keep sending!

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