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It is that time again. It is a time that comes RARELY. But it does come.

Hyu's Playlist

See the fact that I am up to 3,994? Yes, that means that I only have six songs to go. I need music to push me over the edge. Now granted, I have really picky tastes, I like what I like.. or what inspires me, so that is where YOU come in. Upload music for me! to Sendspace, Yousendit or Savefile.. so that I can finally reach 4,000 (and start the long 1,000 song trail to 5,000).

What do you get out of it? Well if you are the bestower of song # 4,000, then a manga/doujinshi scan of your choice icon'd and COLOURED for your personal use (just the part I'm iconing since I'm no good at full colour scans yet). (You'll have to tell me what part of the manga scan you want to be icon'd) but yes, that is what the gifter of the 4,000th song will get from me. All songs can be sent to jyuukoi@gmail.com. And if you need help deciding exactly what to send, my MP3 playlist is earlier in the entry, just so you don't send repeats or the whatnot. (though once again, I warn you.. my playlist is ecclectic)

Oh yes, if you want, you can post the yousendit, sendspace or savefile links here in comments if you are too lazy to send via email. Also my playlist is neat and organized so you don't have to worry about finding stuff, everything is arranged alphabetically.. just because it's a virgo thing with me.

3995 - shiroibara / "Gather" by Ao to Bin to Can
3996 - pimp_kitten / "I Say a Little Prayer" by Rupert Everett (My Best Friend's Wedding)
3997 - destry / >.> That Origa song!
3998 - touhi / "Sanagi" by Shikao Suga
3999 - spleen / "Mosaic Kakera" by Sunset Swish
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