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Just got done reading the second volume of Princess Princess (in the bathtub) and oh it's so funny, in fact there is an icon I want to make of Yuujirou and Tohru. (which is the official Hyu-sponsered pairing in that series.. along with Arisada/Natashou) (and by Official Hyu Sponsered, it's not the same as Official Manga-ka sponser, just so you know not to confuse my words for canon or anything.. sometimes I just like to fangirl pairings regardless if they are canon or not)

But yes, there are two icons I want to make of Yuujirou and Tohru.. the serious one and the not so serious one. Both are really cute pictures and would be very easy to colour. You know how I like to colour.. of course I'm no good at it, as compared to other people (like dayfall or nefadol but you know at least I'm better then previously and that is all that I can ask for. Really though when iconing, I like to icon things with ALOT of colour.. or the potential for it. I am not a fan of washed out icons, whenever I icon, I use the saturation, overlay and all of the tools best used for color at my disposal.. so while I've made a few washed out icons, most of them don't get kept by me. (this Jin icon though muted, is ALOT more colourful then the original.. you can tell it with the skin and the gold epauelets of his uniform)

YAY for iconing!

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