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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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~ Continuation~
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
So this is directly related to the Tsubasa/Vic/Fai topic. But seriously, who thinks that Vic is going to get lynched the moment that he says, in any Clamp panel he participates in, that homosexuality is not what CLAMP intended? Come on, let us see a show of hands? He has to remember that the Clamp fandom is far different from the FMA panel. All of the yaoi fans (with the exception of the sane ones who probably hid in the shadow) were probably not the most sane, and definitely a trifle rabid. But Clamp fans, all the sane ones are out because homosexuality of any type is something that Clamp condones with their writing. The absolute moment he tries to pull that same shit with a CLAMP panel, he's going to get torn to shreds, and not by the rabid ones.

I hope he doesn't use this as a mission to disprove every gay couple in CLAMP.

In future CLAMP panels featuring Vic, I expect commentary, and possibly pictures. Or else I'll have to scour youtube.

Also pimp_kitten went to Vic's site, and now you know the title page where Vic is siting on the stool, and if you mouse over rapidly, Vic looks up from whatever he is doing, well Alexi said that animation would make a good "surprise buttsecks' picture. And now he seriously wants it.

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I've actually never been to a panel or a convention, but this entire incident has made me REALLY want to go to one and meet this Vic fellow. I'd be really good at insulting him without explicitly insulting him. I do it all the time, really... and it always works on stupid people, or people who have opinions based on complete crap.

Oh god. There are so many canon couples in CLAMP's manga; it's not something you can ignore/not address while discussing their manga.

Quite honestly the best thing about Clamp is their tolerance, their ability to put in several different types of pairings. They are known for their tolerance all across the board, their yuri couples being as endearing as their yaoi and het pairings. I want to see how he skirts/evades the issue. It'll be interesting.

Does he voice Fai or something?

He's going to voice Fai.

His words were exactly. "One thing that Fai and I have in common is that we are both STRAIGHT"

or rather "we both like girls"

I pray that CLAMP writes the coupling as canon, if only to squick out this guy. What a douche.

I know, I pray the same thing. Constantly. I would love to see how he can explain that off.. really I am very interested.

"They're just good friends. Good friends hug and kiss and have anal sex, right?"

Canon gay couples. And this Vic guy? Needs to get over his prejudices and realize that, yes, people do write about gay relationships. And maybe he will have to voice-act one of them.


Yeah, everyones so pee'd with him!! Haha! He is going to get blasted at some con. Unfortunately not by me because I am in the quiet half of the galaxy (Ireland) where our conventions don't involve famous people.

I'm not even really into FMA and ha ha oh god I hate that man. The fact that he's now trying to push his weird Fundie views on CLAMP works is just sad.

Vic really needs to realize that he's not a crusader. He's not a judge. He's a voice actor. And while he does have wonderful enunciation (give credit where it's due), it's not as if there are not thousands of people who can do exactly what he does without using the work as a platform from which to spread their intolerance.

I predict either the lynch mob or hysterical laughter.

Ew... Vic voices Fai?


I was just about to be all "What does Vic have to do with Tsubasa???"

When does Fai show any interest in women???

I don't think he EVER has. Really.

The best thing about CLAMP is their ambiguity. They never say a character is straight or gay. It's all up to the fans interpretations. It's how they get their fanbase. (Just like Nomura with the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Heart games.)

If you let the fangirls have their fun, all is good. ^^

Vic needs to just stop destroying my fandoms. DN Angel, FMA... now Tsubasa... possibly others... none of my fandoms are safe. Nooooooo~~ (I don't even enjoy his acting! In my opinion I find him to be a pretty mediocre voice actor. He hasn't done anything to spark my interest except for making me cringe in terror. *is a die-hard Paku Romi fan...*

Oh yes, I love Paku Romi too >.>

Ha ha ha. *thinks about surprise buttsecks icons giggles and blushes*

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