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~Ostara basket, yay~

In a heartbeat, my day got better. Of course it had also been good because I had talked to Mish and was able to bitch about work to her.

However Alexi got me an ostara basket. It's not easter no, but it's ostara and well he's always good about those things. (Ostara is the pagan equivalent of easter). I took a digital picture of it but it's so cute and well I wish I could share it but I can't find my usb extension for my digital camera. I'll find it (or buy a new one) so I can share it.

But it did have ALOT of peeps. (I love peeps.. even though I know that Todd and Mish go past and look at them as if they were satan's candy.. but I happen to like the marshmellow-y goodness.) And pens.. and bunny soap.. and a giant green puppy dog.. and a little rabbit hanging by it's ears from the basket handle.

Thank you, pimp_kitten! It seriously made me smile. >.>

My day, well it's not even worth talking about anymore. I got some motherfucking peeps! *teehee*
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