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So I'm not allowed to delete any of the icons I have up. I am schooling myself closely. If I fill up my slots.. well then I'll go up to GJ and upload really cool icons there. No problem. I'll eventually get icon slots, this will of course teach me the lesson that I can't get paranoid over icons. A really good lesson to learn, at least for me. I made three icons yesterday. The Basch one you all saw, I also made a Terra/Celes one (per the fact I'm playing FF6 for the DS and reliving all of those good memories.. it's funny how I can instantly tell what they changed in terms of the text, I never knew I had that game memorized so WELL) and a Sirius/Remus one. They are all textless because I like textless icons, alot.

In other news, the guy that is set to play Fai in the anime, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles (you all know him as Vic, whom is worshiped by rabid FMA fangirls everywhere.) has stated and I quote, "Fai and I have one thing in common, we both like girls".


Okay Clamp-fans.. tell me what is wrong with that sentance? In one sentance or more. The longer answer the better, seriously.

Now a little background into the wonderous fandom that is Clamp. Clamp started out as yaoi doujinshists. Yes, they created fancomics of their favorite manga, where all the guys hook up. (I would of loved to have gotten some of their Daryuun/Narsus stuff). And then their earlier works, FILLED WITH SAME SEX COUPLINGS. But they started inserting straight couples too. Clamp though has one such thing as "Their Special Person". for Chii it is Hideki, for Souma it's Kendappa, and for Touya it is Yukito. The ONE SPECIAL PERSON.. yes, they take precendence over everyone else.

And everyone, has their special person. This voice actor, is going to be eaten alive by Clamp-fans, I know this. At any Tsubasa-related panel, he is going to be pwned.. pwned by those who know Clamp Canon better then he does. Those who know exactly WHAT Clamp has in store for Fai and Kurogane. (Clamp is evil, they've probably already written secret manga panels of Kurogane and Fai doing the dirty, that they don't want to release because it's for their own benefit.) I actually am looking forward to it, seriously.

Many times, I have to actively admit that my pairing is not exactly canon (though for me subtext is the greatest thing since sliced bread and most of the time I'll go by that). Not Clamp though. Clamp is one of the few fandoms that is general where there is equal ammounts of straight -and- gay. So I am going to get gung-ho on it, because hell.. I'm right!. Fai and Kurogane, their relationship is ambiguous, but it's in the same way that Rikuou and Kazahaya from Legal Drug's relationship is ambiguous. But it is ambiguous with hidden intentions.

Clamp is evil, I know this.. there will be hilarity involved when Clamp catches wind of this, there will probably also be a few splash pages. I'm looking forward toward what this will spark.


Mish. Alexi got the new phone, his new phone and so if a new number calls you, it's just probably me. My old phone was trashed. My new phone will be gotten I guess up there.
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