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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
Well my day averaged a 5 on the whole, which is tolerable. This is only because of the hot girl named "Yurika" who came to Special T's and wanted food. So I fixed her a sandwhich and THEN she wanted to order some pizzas and I had no PROBLEM with that. Yes, she made my day a five, before then it had been sort of swinging between a 3 - 4... while not wretched, certain parts were indeed VERY painful. In fact sometimes I just wonder what gives Dominic the right half the time. At least Justin is a good worker, I mean I have no problem with Justin, I tell him to do things, and he does them.. and so together we got everything prepped for tomorrow. But Dominic, it seems as if he does nothing.

I'll get my laugh when he ships off to Basic Training. Seriously, those T.I's will eat him alive. (I know, I went through Basic Training myself.. ). I will laugh, seriously I will. He has absolutely no work ethic and he's going to find that the Military is no walk in the park.

On a fun note. Basch-muse has alot of guilty pleasures. He revealed to me today while I was dicing onions, that he liked Duran Duran. Of course then he proceeded to let me get a glimpse of him playing air guitar in the bathroom to "Hungry Like the Wolf" (naturally he was clothed only in a towel). All I have to say is... "ooh sexy!" I wonder what Balthier-muse will say to this?

I need a Basch icon. >.>

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I love my Basch icon.

Balthier-muse approves of it and of other Basch-es.

Now I know what Balthier muse has been doing with that camera that has the huge telephoto lense.

Basch and his Duran Duran music. >.> Of course their pet dog probably trips him up and puts a wrench in his dancing, but hey as he's falling, I bet he flashes Balthier what's underneath that towel!

And I'm sure Balthier has his bedroom papered in such pictures.

Poor Basch! He doesn't want Balthier to show anyone else those pictures. >.>

Oh, I'm sure he doesn't. They are just for him.

Basch said that he'd die of embarassment if anyone but Basch and the dog got to see him dancing around to Duran Duran

Balthier will certainly protect his Basch's dignity in front of the world.

Ahh, Duran Duran are nothing to be guilty about! I like them. *shifty eyes*

Duran Duran is my favorite band of ALL time!

*snerk* Basch dancing around in a towel? How entertaining for your significant other's Balthier muse~

(And I only wish I could catch my muses doing that, to any sort of band. And there is *nothing* wrong with Duran Duran.)

I know, it was probably very entertaining for Balthier. *refer to previous comments about such things as telephoto lens on cameras and papering the bedroom in said pictures*

I've always wondered why a bit of hotness could make a day so much better.

Oh Cracker Nipples, wankers should not be put in the army. The army has weapons and team work, which little brains can't handle. *fears for all those around him*

*smirks and decides to put Duran Duran on ipod*

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