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~Here am I your falling angel..~

Just for the record, in case it was about me.

I have pushed "no one" out of the room.. I haven't even been there myself for probably a week. Because I am tired of it for the meantime, I -need- a break while I get my priorities in line. My husband comes back in 19 days.. who is the bigger priority.

As for acting sorority.. if you are -talking- about me. I have -never- once had to follow the crowd, I have never wanted to. Quite honestly I set my own standards which I only follow.. and if people choose to follow then so be it, however I try to stress creativity in everything.

At this point in my life, Role-playing and online is the least of my concerns.. and most importantly Avalon. My friends know my screen name(s) and they are free to contact me (and encouraged too) but I share the same philosophy as Mihrage. Be friendly to all but intimate with few..

However the LJ entry might not of referred to me but rather a new flavor of the week.. I can never be certain.
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