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~Hana Kimi Episode 9. Screencaps 1 of 2.~

As usual this post is Umeda-Centric. *because I can't get enough of him, seriously* Once again I marvel at how very appropriate he is for the role, just because he adds a whole new richness to it. Per usual, any cap in this update is available for usage in icons and graphics. However a comment would be nice. (no credit please, since I only capped this episode) Once again I love to have amusing discussions about my favorite snarky school doctor.

- My my Doctor Umeda.. what kind of Health Center are -you- running?

- "Ummm what? Can't you see I'm -busy- here?"

| - (Hyu comment: look at the MUSCLES on him..) / "Can you believe this is the body of someone who thinks that sports are not necessary? I know, I'm just naturally hot."

- *pan to Mizuki's faec* "Sensei.. you and the taekwondo captain.. omg"

- "....."

- "So you think that I'd waste my time getting busy in my school -office-?"

- "Your stereotyping of gays make me throw up in my mouth just a little bit."

- *Wipes all of that alleged 'man butter' off his arms*

- *So no seriously, it's not what your overactive fangirl imagination thinks, Mizuki."

- "If given a chance to -hit- that..."

- "I think I'd pass..."

- "He would break me in half..."

- "Nevermind the fact that I could take out small armies with the weapons that are my arms"

- "But it -is- a nice view before I've had my coffee"

| | - (Hyu: I love it when he smiles.. seriously)

- "Don't be so scared of what men can do to each other.."

- "Believe me, it'd involve quite a bit less clothing."

| - *insert rather amused schoolboyish grin here*

- "So now.. what do you want.. make it quick, preferrably before my nails dry"

- "And on this ending note.. can someone tell me why I'm holding an economy size box of tampons?"

Next time on UmedaKimi: Molested by the school doctor pt 2.. /or/ Why, sports massage is the BEST
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