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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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~Hana Kimi Episode 9. Screencaps 1 of 2.~
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
As usual this post is Umeda-Centric. *because I can't get enough of him, seriously* Once again I marvel at how very appropriate he is for the role, just because he adds a whole new richness to it. Per usual, any cap in this update is available for usage in icons and graphics. However a comment would be nice. (no credit please, since I only capped this episode) Once again I love to have amusing discussions about my favorite snarky school doctor.

- My my Doctor Umeda.. what kind of Health Center are -you- running?

- "Ummm what? Can't you see I'm -busy- here?"

| - (Hyu comment: look at the MUSCLES on him..) / "Can you believe this is the body of someone who thinks that sports are not necessary? I know, I'm just naturally hot."

- *pan to Mizuki's faec* "Sensei.. you and the taekwondo captain.. omg"

- "....."

- "So you think that I'd waste my time getting busy in my school -office-?"

- "Your stereotyping of gays make me throw up in my mouth just a little bit."

- *Wipes all of that alleged 'man butter' off his arms*

- *So no seriously, it's not what your overactive fangirl imagination thinks, Mizuki."

- "If given a chance to -hit- that..."

- "I think I'd pass..."

- "He would break me in half..."

- "Nevermind the fact that I could take out small armies with the weapons that are my arms"

- "But it -is- a nice view before I've had my coffee"

| | - (Hyu: I love it when he smiles.. seriously)

- "Don't be so scared of what men can do to each other.."

- "Believe me, it'd involve quite a bit less clothing."

| - *insert rather amused schoolboyish grin here*

- "So now.. what do you want.. make it quick, preferrably before my nails dry"

- "And on this ending note.. can someone tell me why I'm holding an economy size box of tampons?"

Next time on UmedaKimi: Molested by the school doctor pt 2.. /or/ Why, sports massage is the BEST

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Aww... his smile is so cute! ^_^ And I love your captions. They amuse me to no end. XDD

I know, of course the only one who can top his smile is Akiha.. the Akiha-smile is so damn adorable >.>

*Wipes all of that alleged 'man butter' off his arms*


Umeda endorses MAN BUTTER. Y/N?


aw i need a Mei Tian icon!!!

Oooh yes everyone does. I have some up at Soylent icons.. but I am probably going to be making more.. eventually. Just because Mei Tian is absolute and utter love. >.> *counts down until episode where Akiha comes in*

Yuan Qiu Ye and Mei Tian made me LOL so much. though i wish the actor playing him would have had his hair long, i didn't find him as hot with his uber short hair. ;~;

Well you know, I wasn't so much sold on the short hair until I saw him smile that smile.. the Akiha patented smile, the uberly cute, 'I'm evil but I'm hiding it behind my cuteness' smile. And then suddenly I realized the long hair didn't really matter to me.

LOL! he did capture that smile VERY well! XD

eeeeeeeeeeeeeee DED

That segment completely killed me. And Umeda is totally the hottest thing in the series, *especially* when he smiles. :D~

I know I know.. I can't wait to start screencapping him with Akiha. But I have to do that when I actually get the episode.. but Akiha also has a beautiful smile.. and him in the drama is priceless. >.> Yes, I'm so very much in love with Akiha...

Oh gosh yesyesyes, the genuine million-watt, perfect teeth, brilliantly happy smile. As opposed to his smirk, which is just ugly. But the smile, mmmm yes.

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