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~I will function, operate.. I will be a satellite of hate~

I hate hate hate hate aafes. I hate the food court, I hate Anthony's Pizza and Robin Hood. I hate Mr. I-don't-have-a-dick Dominic. I hate the fact that I was in the middle of doing dishes, went out to help a customer for five.. yes, five minutes.. and when I get back.. all of the sanitizing water and the hot soappy water had been let out of the sink, thereby instigating my need to -refill- it. So I went 'fuck it'. Piled up more dirty dishes into the sink, and didn't touch the dishes, you know what. Fine. Chigdem said it wasn't her, and I believe her because I know what she will and won't do. It might of been Justin however he was getting off work and he's a lazy teenager, he's not going to take the time to empty the sink when he has glorious freedom to look forward to.

It was Dominic, I am absolutely certain of it... it wouldn't be the first asshatty thing he's done (among that yesterday he had the gall to tell me he lost my leave slip. What. The. Fuck. Ever.). I am absolutely begging them to give me a reason to all in out quit. This is minor, but if they have the nerve to deny me leave at the last minute when I submitted my leave form THE FIRST DAY OF FEBRUARY, then I am quitting. I don't fucking care. The can suck my invisi-dick and they can LIKE it. They can dry hump the poor excuse that they have for a store, lacking so totally in organizational skills, that me, a VIRGO can't even deal with it.

I filled out my leave slip with the date that I had originally submitted the leave, february 4th, and Dominic was like "You can't do that" and I was like. "Yes I can.." and he was like "Why?" and then I told him it was because HE DID NOT KEEP TRACK OF WHERE MY LEAVE SLIP WENT. (Dominic shouldn't even be allowed to be a foreman.. and of course there will be people who go, "Why don't -you- be foreman Nia.." and that's easy, because I never intended on STAYING at the food court. This was merely a job that I had to take in order to lump away some money for my eventual move to Michigan. as machevelli would say, 'the ends justify the means'.)

So if the Mountain Home AFB foodcourt suddenly spontaneously combusted in the next few days, I SO WOULDN'T BE SAD WHATSOEVER.

But since I believe in ending this post on a positive note. The creator of the Yami no Matsui fanart website emailed me back giving me permission to use one of their Oriya arts for an icon. So yay, that is a positive note and I'm going to go and make it right now.

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