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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
So this Yami no Matsui fanartist draws ALOT of Yami no Matsui art. And I just found THIS and oh my god. Just.. yes, Muraki in that particular outfit amuses me. (*is a diehard Muraki/Oriya fan and most of that person's art is of that pairing*). Muraki feels pretty, oh so pretty. Oh and Muraki chibi art is great too!

To me, Muraki and Oriya is the epitome of a married couple.


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I LOVE Muraki and Oriya @.@

Yay someone else who loves it too! The site is in russian but there are translations.. and some of it is funny! Like Oriya and Muraki asking catwoman (aka sensei) for help in becoming cats. >.> Their's is a truly messed up love which is why I like it.

Haaa...! Thanks for sharing. That fan-art is pricecless. I'll have to show my friend who is a huge Muraki fan. I'm a big Yami no Matsuei fan myself, but I prefer TsuzukixHisoka. :)

Ahahah you know, I like Muraki and Oriya, I like Tatsumi and Watari.. Hisoka and Tsuzuki is cute, but it's not my cup of tea usually.

Though I like how Hisoka is all angry but he doesn't give off the uke vibe.. which is DEFINITELY a plus and inclines me more to the pairing.

Heh, I'll readily admit I'm a sucker for "the cute"... And Hisoka's constant pissed-offed-ness is what makes him awesome. With Muraki, I do find him physically attractive and can understand why people love him so much (GREAT villian!), but I'm a bit turned off by the whole rapist/murderer thing. ^^;;

That's just awesome. Now I know where Muraki in the pink... thing came from. XD


Is this pic worksafe? I wanna see, but I don't want OSI in my butt for it.

Don't worry, it's worksafe.


Muraki and Oriya are so totally married, as you say! :) I haven't visited that site in ages - thanks for the link :)

*cackles* That first picture is so amusing XDDD *peruses the site*

Muraki in feathery lingerie... o_o I think my brain broke a little.

And yes, I do agree on the Muraki/Oriya married couple thing. Kind of a twisted relationship and all, but yes.

(Deleted comment)
I've already made it.. we had a talk about it.. I've not posted it yet but it's in there in my userpictures.. we actually had a nice little chat and she shared an artwork with me that she's not put on on her site yet.. told me it was an insider peek just for me. >.> I felt special

(Deleted comment)
Oh that particular picture wasn't black and white.. I just drew more emphasis to it, I do want to do a black and white picture of hers though and I may do it.. the one where Muraki and Oriya are peeking over the counter, that's one of the ones I want to do because it's so cute. >.>

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