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Oh my god.

I am downloading New Kids on the Block. Because evidentally after being personally involved with my age's version of "Backstreet Boys" and "NSYNC", after 16 years, it evidentally is socially acceptable to listen to their songs again. Of course I am listening to this song with my now perverted mind, something I didn't have when I was 12.. (well I did, it was just sleeping) so when they sing in "Hanging Tough" about 'everyone talking about who's on top'. That is when my mind plunges right into the gutter.

This is definitely beautiful.

Though I found it rather refreshing that I am not the only one who hated Joey's voice. (*coughs*shuufish*cough*). Everyone loved Joey, just because he was so very cute and girly and adorable. He was like the Wolfram of the New Kids on the Block world.

I was a Jordan and Jonathan fangirl. Though I also thought Donnie was hot. And Danny.. I just remained sort of indifferent to Joey.

I also realize that I'm going to be laughed out of the house by pimp_kitten, but you know what... he can stfu. I've heard the stuff HE listens to secretly.
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