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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
Oh my god.

I am downloading New Kids on the Block. Because evidentally after being personally involved with my age's version of "Backstreet Boys" and "NSYNC", after 16 years, it evidentally is socially acceptable to listen to their songs again. Of course I am listening to this song with my now perverted mind, something I didn't have when I was 12.. (well I did, it was just sleeping) so when they sing in "Hanging Tough" about 'everyone talking about who's on top'. That is when my mind plunges right into the gutter.

This is definitely beautiful.

Though I found it rather refreshing that I am not the only one who hated Joey's voice. (*coughs*shuufish*cough*). Everyone loved Joey, just because he was so very cute and girly and adorable. He was like the Wolfram of the New Kids on the Block world.

I was a Jordan and Jonathan fangirl. Though I also thought Donnie was hot. And Danny.. I just remained sort of indifferent to Joey.

I also realize that I'm going to be laughed out of the house by pimp_kitten, but you know what... he can stfu. I've heard the stuff HE listens to secretly.

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I didn't like Joey either. D:

I can't remember who was my favourite, all I remember is that I had all their tapes (YES! TAPES!) and the dolls and posters and everything.

And I was like... 6 years old. Wow. 14 years ago. D:

Oh that's so cute! *hugs*

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Oh my god, you know, I remember that too. Color me Badd. Thier song "I wanna sex you up" was like, yeah I was innocent so my ears would colour when that song came on the radio

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*big cheesy grin for NKOTB*

I know! teehee... >.> I'm downloading more. I'll have so much chessy audial goodness for hwen you come back from your doctor's appointment. YAY!

Oh god. I was such a NKOTB fan back in the day. Jordan was my favourite, followed by Donnie; Joey I also didn't care much for (but I did find him adorable when he was on Dancing With the Stars a few years ago).

I always ended up hating the cute baby boy one in the group when it came to boybands *didn't like Justin Timberlake or Nick Carter either*

Oh Jordan was such a hottie!! hehe Do you remember when he had a small little solo career? I remember I was so appalled because the song was so catchy and poppy, I really liked it, but the words were so dirty. I was just.. in shock, because I always associate NKOTB with.. I don't know.. I guess just because I was young and loved them .. haha..

That's hilarious though. 'Everyone talking about who's on top' haha

NKOTB was the first of the boy bands I remember. It's been years since I heard one of their songs, and I can only imagine how my current mindset could twist their innocent lyrics. Then again... my current mindset preverts 90% of the world... but yours has to be higher, around 99% maybe? *grin*

Hold the phone, Crazypants. What music are you talking about of mine?

And you can have some of that stfupie yourself, since I not only will not know when it's a NKOTB song playing, and I make fun of about half of your music regardless. :P

Mmmmm, stfupie. I need a stfupie icon.

Wow, that was bad grammar. I suck.

Oh, god, blast from the past. I listened to them and boyband music for a while when I was a kid. XD; I recently went on a 90's boyband downloading spree actually. >.>

I never cared much for Joey (or his solo stuff) but Jordan's always been my favorite, especially after he went solo and just burst out laughing on Rosie O' Donnell when asked if the NKOTB would ever reunite. XD; *used to have his solo album from the 90's and still has a song off of it now* >.>

"Everyone talking about who's on top," ...

Oh, the ways *that* can be taken ... ^_~

I liked Jonathan better than Jordan and Joey and everyone gave me the weird eye for it. xD And Donnie was quite FTW too. :3

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