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First of all, I welcome my two new friends, fat and petit. Taken from over Here at the Friending Meme. There have been a few people that I don't know that commented to it, but so far the two that I added are the ones I professsed the most interest in. I don't need a whole lot of new friends, but I like the occasional new friends, so I'll hope it'll be the start of two really great friendships. Remember to go over and check out the meme, just to dabble here and there with the profiles. There are ALOT of great people who responded, seriously. Some of them being my soeur, Nicole and a few others.

Now on to news of note for the evening.

I am FINALLY caught up with d.greyman. I'm on episode 21 right now, I like packed in 6 episodes today. I really am a lazy-ass when it comes to anime. Now to start on Code Geass since I've heard nothing but good about it, I figured that once Simoun is over, I'll be able to concentrate on Code Geass seriously.

Rukia-muse is starting a campaign against shuufish's Byakuya muse. Ukitake told her to bring him Chappy shapped cookies. They worked because while Byakuya grumbled, he still ate them. So now they are going to be an official pair.. and it also makes Ukitake happy because he thinks that Byakuya needs someone. (and maybe he can get grandchildren out of the deal.. Ukitake = one track mind)

I didn't get my userinfo revamped, I was too busy having waffy RP with Jeriah and Jakob, in which they found a kitten and named her Princess Star. Most people won't get this, because it's an AU Xenogears-ish RP involving original characters (that was created for the actual Xenogears timeline, Zeboiem time). Tomorrow though is another day, the userinfo will get done then! *ohohohoho*

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