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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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(no subject)
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
First of all.

1.) Dear V.C Andrews ghost writer. Do us a favor, and stop writing... NOW. Your stories about prematurely growing boobs at 10.. they are NOT AMUSING ME. I am so glad that you didn't bastardize Troy/Heaven for me, at least you didn't get your vile scrubby hands on THEM.
2.) I like Kanda, I'm not a big fan of Sasuke. One would think that they are very similar, and in a way they are.. but they are several key differences that makes me like Kanda better. This could change, but Kanda.. he rules my world.
3.) Dear people that Mish works costuming with. GO AWAY.

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2) ME TOO. Kanda amuses me, but Sasuke half the time annoys me. ;_; I guess they're not all that alike.

Well I think it is because Kanda is an asshole because he wants to be an asshole. Sasuke, he's just emo.

1) I never read any of V.C. Andrews books. I guess I'm "lucky" in that regard. I've heard, and witnessed, artists, authors, actors, musicians, etc., becoming popular after their deaths but this is completely ridiculous!

2) Who?

3) *chuckles* I know a few folks like that whom I would dearly love to see take a long walk off a short pier.

1.) The first two series were really very good.. they weren't made for preteens, they were made for adults. But after V.C Andrews died, it just has deterioated to something that I could of written in 5th grade easily.

2.) Kanda from D.greyman. He's precious. Really.

3.) I know, I echo your sentiments so much!

1) Ah. *chuckles*

2) Still not familiar with that. Is it an anime?

3) *snickergigglefits while cackling evilly*

1) I read about two series of hers, but I'm told Flowers in the Attic is like really twisted. So I've steered clear, I haven't read anything since the Melody Logan series, I think.

The flowers series is somewhat sick and twisted. It does have incest tendencies but by reading the series you understand why. They never sleep together; at least the main characters of the flowers book. The following books of the series do get a bit worse and the prequel makes you understand everything. In all I found it a very good series though.

I really don't like the ghost writer; actually I think it's someone in her family if I'm not mistaken. I think the since she died the books have become weak and pathetic. I have bought three books since she died and I think I've only liked one. I was very happy with the Heaven; Ruby and Dawn series; I liked My sweet Audrina also.

Btw did you see that Rain is being made into a movie?


You know, I liked Ruby, Heaven, Dawn, and of course My Sweet Audrina (that one really made you think), but I found myself liking the Willow series.. if only because the people in the past I did care for, I mean it was a good book, probably way better then I would of expected from the Ghost Writer.. but everything else that he's written from his own mind.. has been total garbage.

And yes, Andrew Neiderman.. that's the ghost writer. >.>

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