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Okay, I'm feeling much improved, my uterus is not aching quite so bad, and my mind is now cleared, it just always strikes me harder on the anniversary of her birthday, the date of her death really means nothing to me, because I wasn't there and that day everything was a blur, there are more memories of me with my grandmother on her birthday.

Daylight savings time! Does this mean that the clock on my car will actually be RIGHT! Yes indeed. Mental note, figure out how to change the clock BEFORE I go to Michigan because if I don't, I'll be stuck like many hours in oblivion and the clock will never be right. *that will make me sad*

Episode 34 of Saiunkoku Monogatari was pure torture. I want to see the outcome of that whacked chess game, and I wonder if Ensei KNOWS the fool thing that Seiran is doing right now. But you know, at least Seiran has guts. (I am trying to imagine Ensei's reaction to a note that reads "Excuse me.. I seem to have swallowed poison".. that might cause him to throttle the body a little bit. Though I'm sure Ensei realizes that Seiran is a big boy and also knows what he's doing) You know, HanaKimi will stop at episode 15.. but at least there will be a SECOND SEASON OF SAIUNKOKU MONOGATARI! <3<3<3 but come on, who am I kidding.. HanaKimi is like one of my favorites.. seriously, it ranks up there with Xenogears, Bleach and Saiyuki

Tomorrow and monday are my days off, and I am going to get my userinfo completely kicked out.. the newly remodeled one, I finished shuufish's banner which I needed to do (for her picture of Chaos) but yes either tonight or tomorrow, I am sitting down and concentrating seriously on it.

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