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~I turned on the lights, the tv and the radio.. still I can't escape the ghost of you~

First of all,

Happy Birthday to my Grandmother. Sure she may have been dead for the past seven years, but she has never ever left my heart and every March 9th, I wake up and know that I lost someone that was very precious to me. I have so many good memories of her and perhaps I'm even crying when I write this, and I don't get emotional too often. But yes, I do miss her and she was so very wonderful. Maybe I'll write some memories out and post them up, maybe not. It all depends.

On a second note. It's Thursday. For all those new people on my list, they'll be like, "Wait.. no it's friday." but I concur, Thursday is my euphemism for 'that time of the month'. And I woke up in so much glorious pain, so it wasn't just about waking up and missing my grandmother, it was about waking up in pain too.

This is my saddest icon, in fact it's my ONLY sad icon. That is because I rarely display emotions that are akin to sad. Frustrated, angry. But sad. Now that is very rare. But it's fitting because it is linked to my soul song, "Ordinary World" and today, it is an "Ordinary World" kind of day.

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