Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

~So LJ upped the friend limit~

Okay, that being said, I now have a friend limit of 2,000. I can read 2,000 people's journals. (not like I comment a whole bunch but I -do- read.. just because I am a speed reader and it's fun). That being said. I am asking each of you guys (the guys who actually read, I won't humor myself in thinking that people read everything I write, that's just silly) to pimp out a friend to me.

That's right.

Tell me what fandoms this person is from?
Why do you think I'll like reading their journal?
Why do -you- like them? What makes them shine to you.

Just go on, pimp out cool people... NOW!

I'll love you forever. Seriously! this is not my evil icon.. oh no


Also quick edit: I rabu~rabu shuufish, only her and I could have a long drawn out conversation over why Lavi needs a boyfriend. <3<3<3<3. Oh yes and our mad plotting rping brainstorming skillz. oh yes and our plotting to dress up her soon-to-be-daughter as Card Captor Sakura.
Tags: big pimping
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