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~You always set the rhythem.. that makes my body ache~

Oh how I love Saiunkoku Monogatari, I just reached episode 30 and wow the drama. That episode also made me love Ensei and Seiran as a pairing even more, also I got to the scene that the previous scan depicted with Seiran holding the poison bottle, it was certainly a very dark scene. (though I love that Seiran would go to great lengths to protect those that he loves. >.> seriously). But the fact that he was talking about how Ensei was the light and he was the dark, I thought that was very poignant, and it made my heart ache just a little bit.

I also have this awesome Shouka icon (coloured by myself), because Shuurei's all-knowing ex-assassin father needs love too. The more I look at it, the more I'm happy with it. So now I have an icon of all my favorite characters from that series. Shouka, Seiran, Lan and Reishin. (and most of them are also muses >.>).

I used to like Seiran and Ryuuki but then I gradually found I liked Ryuuki better with Shuurei.. and Seiran/Ensei just clicks with me. (serious/goofy dynamics really appeal to me)

I want to try colouring an icon of KakaIru sometime tonight, I tried to do one last night but it failed, perhaps because I was a bit too confident on shading. (yeah, Hyu.. better to just start small, y/n?) So I'm just going to gain my confidence with small projects and go from there, perhaps practice on stuff with actual shading screentones.

I've also realized that I fail at maintaining an icon community, because I just don't -care-. I only icon because I like it, not because I want anyone else to use them. (though it is nice when people use them, it's just not a priority).

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