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~And I'd like to thank you.. for giving me the best day of my life~

Omae wa dochira juunishi no MEMBAA desu ka?

Omae wa dochira anime no VILLAIN desu ka?

Weasley Twins are my perfekt guys....

discover who's your perfekt HP guy here

angels descended from Heaven, each
putting a piece of themselves
into those
who would follow them....
Which Angel rests inside
Challenge their trial to
find out.

(There is no horns -until- she wants to rape the hell out of Squall.. then the horns appear in plentitude.. *snickers*)

Which random phallic object are you?
Quiz by Andrea.

I Am The Sex Toy:

Hi-Tech Masterpiece: Some

say that I was developed in a

top secret lab while others say

I was developed by aliens for

my probing capabilities, but

only I know the truth!

My mission here on earth is to

launch a full out assault on your

genitals with my spinning beads,

vibrations, and clitoris teaser.

My LCD screen keeps you informed,

but only with information I want

you to have! Mwua-ha-ha!

Find out what sex toy you are.


My Favorite Male Part Is:

The Arm: Strong and protective.

Good for slave labour too...

Find out your favorite male body part!

(*LMAO* Slave Labor.. *heh's*)

My Favorite Female Part Is:

The Face: Sweet and angelic...

except when she yells at me...

Find out your favorite female body part!

(I dig the angel girls.. I think that is why I lurv Viv so much.. *hee's* She is my number one angel.. *w00t*)

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