Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

My day improved.

1.) I reformatted my computer
2.) I called in 'sick' to work
3.) Akiha/Umeda SMUT FTW
4.) Scrubs

however I have a request.. along with it. Because I reformated it, I lost alot of my pictures. (It was hard to save stuff. >.> So what I'm asking is if any of <a href="http://hyujin.livejournal.com/friends/</a>You</a> could dig around, find your all time most favorite pictures and SEND THEM TO ME. I'd be very much appreciative. (There are a few folders I did save... like my Uzuki folder, Bleach, HanaKimi, Tsubasa & xxholic and etc.. but the rest I need to recollect.) But I'm not asking for specific series, no that is just boring... I'm just asking people to throw me random hodge podge of stuff.. I'd probably be amused! email addy = uzukistyle at yahoo dot com
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