Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

Ohohohoho.. lol mercury retrogade.. lol

1.) External harddrive has proclaimed that it hates all the porn on it.. and doesn't like my taste in 'favorite' pictures, so it's freezing up that entire folder.

2.) I had dreams about Akiha and Umeda yes.. but they also came with sex dreams involving pimp_kitten which gave me that fresh, "barf-in-your-mouth-" aftertaste that one wants in the morning.

3.) I caused shuufish to become upset with me and I snapped at her. I also snapped at Alexi too.. thereby painting me as the bigger ass. Thereby I feel emotionally like shit because I treated the two people who I care most about like shit.

Not to mention that I'm getting over being sick AND my work sucks.. well you can imagine, fun times for all, right? I just feel sick to my stomach and I want to go back to bed, curl up and cry. Too bad a dogged sense of duty will prevent me from faking a more serious sickness then the one I have and calling in sick. Glad to know that when I want to turn tail and run, my integrity will go... "tsk tsk tsk".


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