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~HanaKimi Umeda-spam.. episode 8, 1 /of/ 1~

There isn't very many pictures, but hey, it'll be fun because there are some priceless pictures of Umeda in this update. And oh my god, Umeda in a button down shirt and tie. Of course he wasn't skulking around in bushes like he was supposed to do in this particular episode, but I'm happy because it's been true to form so far.. and so I guess this version of Umeda is too good to skulk around in bushes. (but we still know he's nosy when it comes to the rest of the Umeda-clan)

Feel free to use these caps for icons or graphics, all I ask is a comment saying that you appreciate the caps *and sharing with me what you created*.. all I ask

- This time on Pretty Princess Hour with Hokuto Umeda.... eyebrow plucking!

- "Tis my duty as a gay man to make sure that my body is completely smooth and hair free.. tra-la-la-la-la.."

- "Who dares disturb my valuable primp time...?"

- "Oh wait, who -else- could it be..?"

- "Since I have to listen to you, might as well get something done as well... hmmm I certainly do feel pretty"

- "Eyebrows.. check"

- "listening to your troubles certainly gives me upkeep time."

- *ears perk* "I just heard something amusing..."

- "You do realize.. that if he is feeling jealous over you disguised as a boy..."

- "It means that he bats for my team.. right?"

- "And oh how I wouldn't mind him batting for my team.."

- *cheshire-cat grin*

- "So don't be too eager to have him all 'jealous' over you"

- "Now mommy-Umeda says, run along like a good cross-dresser and try to convince Sano that he doesn't have the hots for you.."

- "Because if I find out he's gay.. you are going down, girl.. you are going down"

- "Sometimes.. it's just too easy to get her out of my office.."


- "Don't hurt yourself Mizuki..."

- "Because if anything happens to you, who else am I going to belittle and humilate in exchange for advice?


- "Why yes, I am insanely hot.. thanks for noticing"

- *Hair flip of doom*


And now for the money-making picture. Completely not-Umeda related. But still.. SO CUTE

Natashou! CROSS DRESSING! *ten points to those who get the pop culture reference.

- Natashou.. feels pretty.

Next time on Umeda-Kimi.. Umeda gets his chance to grope someone on the taikwondoe club. Really anything until episode 13 comes along when his personal form of cockblock comes in to deter any Umeda/Male action that doesn't involve him. Umeda, enjoy your freedom while you can!

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