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Muses and Valentines Day.

Citan: He got Fei a puppy, a cute golden retriever.. which will be their very own dog to go along with the picket fence and cottage that is his and Fei's dream come true.

Hyuga: A dozen red roses and sexy underwear.. because a white silk thong is the gift that keeps on giving.

Jin: A song, as I sent the song to Mish, besides it's hard to shop for Chaos, so he just gets Chaos strange little things that won't make any sense to anyone but to Chaos.

Ukitake: A picnic lunch underneath a sakura-tree with Shunsui's favorite sake.

Umeda: There was a box full of cakes.. but UMEDA SWEARS IT WAS NOT FROM HIM. He's blaming it on his mom but if Akiha peeks into his checkbook, he'll see a check written out for 50 dollars at the corner bakery

Hakkai: Gojyo, because well now Gojyo is bound to him forever and is his, that's the best valentines present Hakkai could EVER get. You know the way to a scorpio's heart.. is through his cock

There really was hearts and stuff flying everywhere. Between the girls and between the guys.. but those six were the major ones of course.
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