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~Only part of the wedding that will be revealed~

"Right.." Sanzo cleared his throat then and regarded everyone in the audience.. "Dearly beloved.." he then sort of paused and re-thought what he said, then he took the speech he had prepared and just sort of crumpled it. "Yeah, okay.. so we're here to join these two fags in matrimony... and by all intents and purposes faggotry is a sin but I realize I'm preaching to the wrong crowd as 90 percent of you flamers yourself.. the other 10 percent are in the minority and probably have better things to do like harass houseboys and chase after girls wearing magical girl outfits.. so.." and then he took a drag of his cigarette. "Let me tell you, these two are absolutely no good.. I thought it was bad enough when they first started fucking, doing all of that sick and disgusting stuff like tying each other up and shit. Never could get a decent nights sleep.. Hakkai and his sex noises while Gojyo fucks him like a pig.. and then rinse and repeat.. then switch. Oh yes, they start out quiet, but they never can keep their goddamned mouths shut, with the bed squeaking until I thought it'd break and Gojyo started on the obscenities as if he'd never nailed anyone before, I'm still convinced he was a pansy virgin ass before Hakkai, though Hakkai, well don't know what to say about someone who'd fuck their sister.. but at any rate.. I said christ, why do they have to hook up.. and so I deluded myself into thinking that this was an occasional thing for when Gojyo couldn't get any ass of his own. Over time I started growing used to the moans, groans, bed-squeaking and shit.. but that was when the truly vomit-inducing situation occured... they started acting as if they were married. Hakkai asks Gojyo over for dinner and in return Gojyo has to take out the trash.. of course Gojyo starts acting like a whipped puppy and just cuts barhopping out of his life completely.. going home to Hakkai like a good husband. So I guess it's natural that they -do- get married.. because god knows that they aren't married in everything but motherfucking -name-." Sanzo glanced over at Gojyo and then at Hakkai. Though he could see that Hakkai was trying to repress the smiles and trying to be serious, but that smile just turned upward, and couldn't hide itself.

"So it fits them.. this being married junk." Another drag of his cigarette. "And I don't think there are two cocksuckers that deserve to be together more then them.. So you know that as long as they don't nail each other right in fromt of me, I'll accept it.. but the minute they start thinking I want to see their sick kinky married shit, I'll sink them so full of holes that they'll be cumming blood." And then Sanzo closed his book "So I suppose you faggots have vows?"
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