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~Pure Heart~

You're a hoofer! You tend to be warm, sensitive, and creative...which some people see as soft, meek, and flighty. You like hanging with others, but crowds make you skittish--and then sometimes, you just need to run free, away from everyone else. Your instincts and emotions tend to run the show, usually because your brain lives on another planet. Even so, you aren't prone to outbursts; you tend to internalize destructive emotions and share productive ones. You can be really shy...until your close friends coax you out of your shell. Herd pressure, you know.

Typical: Horse
Creative: Unicorn
Independent: Pegasus
Sensual: Zebra
Traditional: Centaur
Reserved: Minotaur
Proud: Deer
Friendly: Moose

I am definitely a combination of Zebra and Unicorn.. *whee's*

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