Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

I just have to take this time to mention that Akiha from the HanaKimi drama. YES HE IS ADORABLE! I mean, I was sceptical.. but yeah, I'm happy.. very happy. (I only watched one scene with him in it, and that's all I'll watch.. but yeah, he fufills ALL my happy happy).

I mean I do miss the bubbly blondeness.. but then I realize that I don't think I could see him as blonde in the live action. Not totally. And both Umeda's.. from both the drama and manga are different but also the same. I think it goes for Akiha as well. (In the manga Akiha is taller, in the live action it is Umeda who towers over Akiha)

YAY AKIHA! To celebrate.. my favorite Akiha picture! *the one with NO NOSE OMG*

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