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~Full Speed Ahead - A Rosa Omeiensis/Nia/Hyu OST~

This is the Rosa Omeiensis/Hyu/Nia mix. I don't even know how to define myself, I don't think I've even tried. At first it was going to be a circumstantial mix however when I was compiling, I realized that if I was trying to peg music according to situation... well I'd just have to post my entire playlist.. because well, I've been through alot, and come out fighting, sometimes bloody but well that's life. You wipe yourself off and you move on.

This is my mix, the mix of a survivor. And I quite intend to hoard that title. The name is "Full Speed Ahead" makes it that I never look back, I look to the future and walk on. The picture is from Disneyland, because I feel an emotional connection to Disneyland. (in fact silencescreams was there when I took the picture, yay!)

There are also no descriptions, rather I will feature the lyrics that describe me the most. At best I'm enigmatic, at worst I'm infuriating.. you be the judge of my OST.

This is also for the people who didn't see it the first time, as I didn't post it on my journal, just over at therosemansion

"Show Me the Way" by Styx

"Every night I say a prayer in the hope that there's a heaven,
And every day I'm more confused as the saints turn into sinners"

"Sunrise" by Duran Duran

"Only change will bring you out of this darkness
In this moment everything is born again"

"Words That We Couldn't Say" by Steve Conte

"Sometimes, baby,
We make mistakes.
Dark and hazy,
Prices we pay."

"My Life" by Billy Joel

"I never said you had to offer me a second chance
I never said I was a victim of circumstance
I still belong, don't get me wrong
you can speak your mind, but not on my time"

"She Runs Away" by Duncan Shiek

"She saw the symptoms right away
And spoke to me in poetry
Sometimes the more you wonder why,
The worse it seems to get"

"Cosy Prisons" by A-ha

"So if you're careful
You won't get hurt
But if your careful all the time
Then what's it worth?"

"Guilt is a Useless Emotion" by New Order</b>

"Just another day in the week
Waiting for an opportunity to step in front of me
Maybe I'm losing my mind
Searching for another place in another time">

"Break it Down Again" by Tears for Fears

"No revolution.. maybe someone, somewhere else
Could show you something new about you and your inner song"

"Wednesday" by Tori Amos

"So we go from year to year
with secrets we've been keeping
though you say you're not a templar man"

"I Should Know" by Dirty Vegas

"Playin' away from home is fun
This food is cut but it isn't done
Boy the best is to come
Cos I, yeah I-I-I should know "

"Shining" by Kristian Leontiou

"I will not be beaten
You have yet to see me shining, shining
I won't take this lying down"

"St. Elmo's Fire" by John Parr

"I can see a new horizon underneath the blazin' sky
I'll be where the eagle's flying higher and higher"

"Fiction" by Yuki Kaijura

"I was just a silent girl
wishing for better understanding
this is my melody
sing, la la la ......"

"What I Am" by Emma Bunton (original song by Edie Brikell and then New Bohemes)

"I'm not aware of too many things..
I know what I know if you know what I mean"

"Walking on the Milky Way" by Orchestral Manuevers in the Dark (OMD)

"But just remember who you are
And where you've been you've come so far
And never ever let them see you fall"

Bonus Track: To my Family, the Omeiensis. Mixed up World by Sophie Ellis Bexton

"So when you're feeling kind of mixed up
Just remember it's a mixed up world
So if you're feeling that life's too tough
Just remember you're a real tough girl."

Bonus Track: Rosa Cymosa ( shuufish ) - Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now by Starship

"I'm so glad I found you,
I'm not gonna lose you
What ever it takes,
I will stay here with you
Take it to the good times
See you through the bad times
Whatever it takes..
Is what I'm gonna do"

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