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First of all, I work with a bunch of TWISTED individuals.

Someone I worked with posted up this picture on the bulletin board in the breakroom, of two raccoons doing like one does on the discovery channel. And because this was clearly too much to resist so I looked over at the picture and it was taken from an article in the Boise Highlights. Evidentally on Valentines day, they are having a special -thing- at the Boise Zoo. Entitled "MATING HABITS OF THE WILD". And evidentally you go there and get to see all of these animals enage in various sexual congress acts.

And all I am thinking is. "WHY?" This can't be educational because children aren't allowed to enter during that day. BUT STILL. "WHY?" What kind of person wakes up on V-day and goes, "I thiink I'll go to the zoo and watch animals mate!"? Plz tell me because I am not understanding this.

On a minor note. Saiunkoku Monogataris is up to Episode 30. Hot damn, I'd better start downloading.

And I am going to be posting up my fst soon. I created it for the Rose Mansion but I am going to post it here now as well. Just need to renew the links.
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