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~HanaKimi Umeda-Spam Picture Post 1/1~

That's right, my fellow HanaKimi spammers. I have the next deluge of Umeda pictures up and raring to go. Now granted there wasn't very many places where he comes in, so there is just going to be one post of him to be concise. But oh what a post it is, this post has among them.. Umeda's interactions with Io (his sister) as well as the fabled UMEDA WITH A NAIL FILE!. Now these pictures are free for taking, and no credit necessary. All I ask is a paltry comments, because I love to share my love for Umeda and I love people's opinions on his expressions.

Everyone's favorite gay doctor FOR THE WIN!

- Umeda/CoffeeCup = True OTP of the series

- "A pity, I thought my sister had eaten you back there at the villa"

- "Well then, I am so carrying on away from this discussion.."

- "lalalal gay porn makes the mental anguish go away.."

- "Do you want coffee -on- you?"

- "Fail...."

- "It's neither here or there if you dress up as a girl in the Osaka Gakuen Festival.. I mean really you -are- a girl.."

- "But Sensei! I need your help!"

- "There is not enough money in the world to help you.. so run along little girl"

- "Oh god, the wicked witch of the west is here..."

- "Will you stop doing your lesbian shit in my office, it's disgusting..." (Note: TEEHEE RETURN OF THE HUMPING ZEBRA!)

- "Hokuto! You could at least be HAPPY to see your beloved older sister!"

- "Oh yes, so very thrilling..."

- "Hokuto.. I can -still- pull your hair, I'm not above that" // "Do me a favor and melt for a goddamn change.."

- "Don't tell anyone but it's me and mom's fault that Hokuto is gay.. we dressed him up in girl clothes"

- "... I don't think I can let you leave here alive for knowing that, Mizuki.."

- "Oh Hokuto liked it.. see how he's fond of the colour pink?"

- "I look better in pink then you do.."

- "But I know we can't all be perfect..."

- "Not like me.. but that is neither here or there.."

- "So bring it Io.. just bring it."

- "Hokuto, it's been -brought-"

- Umeda = 0 / Io = 1

- "I don't like being touched by woman, Io.. she's clearly an alien."

= Umeda = 0 / Io = 2

= "What the fuck was that for, you whore?"

= "That is because you haven't learned your place yet, Hoku-baby

= Match | Umeda = fail / Io = Win!

-- The following bears no relevance except for Umeda with a NAIL FILE *always knew he was vain* --

- "Ah, so nice to have you carried in and not barge in like a raging lunatic."

- "Now to attend to my perfectly fabulous nails"

- "Lala.. I don't hear you.. I'm in happy shiny manicured nail land"

- "If I could have gay homosexual sex with my nails.. I would"

- "So perfect..."

- "Though you know.. when you were decked, your two boyfriends carried you back.. "

- "After that, everyone went beserk.. every guy of dorm 2 in that event suddenly went wild and attacked the opposite team.."

- "I never knew teenage guys could be so vicious.."

- "All that toppling over each other.. and rolling around.."

- *Umeda has just hit happy-imaginings land and LIEKS what he sees*

Next time on UmedaKimi. Oh I don't know.. hopefully this is the episode where he skulks around in bushes spying on his nephew! BUT WE SHALL SEE!
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