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Before I go to bed.

I made TONS of icons today. More then I usually do. I had to do something in between wank.

1 x Jin Uzuki (Yay Xenogears. Anyone who knows me, knows Jin is close to my heart) *took me forever to get him to fit in with the background*
1 x Miles (to the tune of Wednesday which is my official Miles song)
1 x Shura/Taichirou (because Ashura/Taishakuten incarnations are the pure unadulterated sex)

Three.. that is a record for someone as unmotivated as I.

I intend tomorrow on reworking me and Mish's twin star icon involving Sei and Youko (using the same picture of course).

Wow, I am so behind on anime watching. Seriously. I must be waiting until pimp_kitten comes home.
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